Celebrity – K-drama Episode 5 “#pandoras_box #the_world_they_live_in” Recap & Review

#pandoras_box #the_world_they_live_in

Episode 5 of Celebrity begins with Seo A-Ri doing another live stream and sharing the secret life of influencers. She is ready to reveal more secrets and needs some alcohol to continue with the next chapter. This time, Seo A-Ri is ready to reveal a scandalous secret that will unleash the unimaginable.

Elsewhere, the ladies of the Gabin Society are on pins and needles wondering what Seo A-Ri will reveal next. They can’t seem to figure out a strategy and Min-Hye thinks Chae-Hee’s move to do individual live streams and attack Seo A-Ri’s character backfired on them. Chae-Hee loses it and calls Yong-Tae, asking him to prepare her a room at Aragon Club. Yong-Tae doesn’t think it is the perfect time to be getting drunk but Chae-Hee couldn’t care less.

Through a flashback, we go back to when  Seo A-Ri was just starting over and her brother, Du-Seong had returned from his military enlistment.  Things were going great and Hyeon-Ok couldn’t help but be proud of her daughter who was getting tons of sponsorship goodies and making good money.

Seo A-Ri takes Jeong-Sun to her lunch meeting with Jun-Kyung who was under the impression they were meeting alone. Jun-Kyung gets angry and insists that Jeong-Sun stays behind while he takes Seo A-Ri to a different location. Seo A-Ri thinks he is way out of line and he reminds her that she should keep her commitment per the conditions they agreed on. What in the world is going on between these two? Are they in a contract relationship?

They bicker for a while and end up going to Jun-Kyung’s house to have lunch without Jeong-Sun. Seo A-Ri is surprised to see that Jun-Kyung has someone who helps him take off his shoes. She refuses to eat and straight-up tells Jun-Kyung that she is not interested in him. His lifestyle is not something she wants for herself.

Jun-Kyung takes her criticism in stride and tells her that he can’t change the rules of his world. If he did, the lady who takes off his shoes would be jobless. He does have a point there! Nonetheless, Seo A-Ri turns his proposal for a relationship down and walks out. She tells him that he ought to have taken her hint when she brought her friend to lunch.

On her way back home, Seo A-Ri receives a call from Angela asking to meet. They meet and Angela offers to help Seo A-Ri fix things with Chae-Hee. Angela is trying to be a good Christian and help. She acts like a concerned friend, flattering Seo A-Ri with praises and a few words of wisdom. Seo A-Ri knows better and takes this charade with a pinch of salt. However, she agrees with Angela that it won’t hurt to be on good terms with everyone including Chae-Hee.

Meanwhile, Min-Hye is angered that Si-Hyeon is seemingly on Seo A-Ri’s side after she followed her on Instagram.

Later that night, Seo A-Ri does her research on Angela online. Based on the rumours online, Angela used to be a call girl and her husband was one of her clients. There are also rumours that Angela still secretly meets with clients behind her back. We start to see what other secrets these ladies are hiding behind the scenes. Ji-Na is rumoured to be selling fake luxury items and Myeong-ho is scamming people. Seo A-Ri’ gets all this scandalous information from her new online bestie, Bbbfamous.

Seo A-Ri tries to get Bbbfamous true identity and why she wanted to help her. However, Bbbfamous refuses to reveal herself. She simply says she is rooting for Seo A-Ri as she deserves to succeed. They bond on how the Gabin Society took the easy road to success by cheating or birth privileges. # nepobabies.

Seo A-Ri decides she will take the long road and succeed honourably. She opts to launch an online thrift shop. She and Jeong-Sun get some amazing clothes from the local stores and start marketing them online. Seo A-Ri employs the help of her brother to help her take photos and handle the IT side of things. The Gabin Society is appalled that  Seo A-Ri is selling clothes from a wholesaler, Dongdaemun. Min-Hye thinks that it shows a lack of class and taste but Seo A-Ri’s followers like her for being relatable.

In the meantime, Chae-Hee calls Yong-Tae to plan for her visit to the club the next day.  She shows up the next day and of course, Yong-Tae praises her while secretly calling her a bitch.  Chae-Hee is surprised to see that Angela is also there and she brought  Seo A-Ri and Ji-Na along. Chae-Hee thinks Angela is undermining her and throws another tantrum.  On the other hand, Seo A-Ri is confused because she thought Chae- Hee wanted to meet. She decides to leave but Angela stops her and tells her she has a great idea.

They go back to the room and everyone is already high on drugs. Chae-Hee is barely able to even stand up straight. She keeps laughing, taking photos and rambling things that don’t make sense. Seo A-Ri is surprised as she had no idea that drugs were involved. She confronts Angela for bringing her there and not telling her about the drugs. Angela calls her a party pooper and says they are part of high society so the rules don’t apply to them.

As things get interesting at the Aragon Club, Jun-Kyung and Si-Hyeon meet at a restaurant alone. Si-Hyeon thinks it is a bad idea but is curious about what Jun-Kyung wants. It turns out Jun-Kyung wants her help in winning Seo A-Ri over. Her rejection did nothing to curb his interest in her. The talk deviates to their old romantic relationship and Jun-Kyung asks Si-Hyeon why she left with no explanation. He is sure she had her reasons, but now he is interested in Seo A-Ri.

Si-Hyeon tells him that he was wrong but before they can talk more, Tae-Jeon shows up. He’s taken aback after finding out that Si-Hyeon was secretly meeting Jun-Kyung but he tries to keep his calm. Jun-Kyung pretends that they were only talking business and smooths it over quickly.

It was during their dinner that Si-Hyeon sees Chae-Hee post a picture on her social media account while high. They quickly drive to the club and Si-Hyeon tries to get hold of Chae-Hee to take down the photo.

The three arrive at the club and Si-Hyeon tries to get Chae-Hee to delete the photo. Seo A-Ri leaves and runs into Jun-Kyung at the door who is disappointed in her. He says he will also have to turn her down and starts walking away. Seo A-Ri stops him but before they can talk, they hear a scream from the room. They go back and find one of the men at the party is coding. Si-Hyeon says the man is not breathing as his fellow employees try to resuscitate him. Jun-Kyung steps in to help while Seo A-Ri attempts to call the police.

Si-Hyeon and Tae-Jeon stop her and accuse the woman of trying to end them all. Tae-Jeon takes control of the situation, and he calls for an ambulance to quietly transfer the man to a hospital. Seo A-Ri keeps insisting on calling the police but Yong-Tae argues that she will also be caught up in the storm. It begins to dawn on Seo A-Ri that these people live under different rules; they can get away with anything. They hurriedly take the man out of the club through the backdoor.

The Episode Review

We all know that money talks and that rules rarely apply to the wealthy. Why is Seo A-Ri acting like she didn’t know this? She should be more worried about the fact that the truth can be twisted and she might end up bearing the brunt of whatever happened that night. She has no rich connections and old money to bail her out if they got caught. She should also be praying that man makes it alive. This will be the easiest out of this nightmare.

What happens now? Will the man live? Will Seo A-Ri call the police later? We have so many questions because we were just getting to the good part when the episode ended. Moving on to the next episode. Curiosity will kill us!

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