Celebrity – K-drama Episode 4 “#lets_connect” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Celebrity begins with the ladies of Gabin Society doing what they do best – making everyone envious of their perfect lives. They seem like they have the perfect marriages, bodies and careers. According to their posts, life is but a dream you cruise through with the most luxurious products from cars to shoes and bags. However, in her live stream Seo A-Ri questions if some people get turned off by all the bragging influencers do on social media.

We circle back to her infamous post that allegedly called out the Gabin Society. Chae-Hee demands that Min-Hye handles this mess since she was the one who brought Seo A-Ri to the fold. Seo A-Ri was taking a risk and betting her future on her 9124 followers on Instagram. It was after this post that she was contacted by Bbbfamous who dm’ed her asking to connect.

Back in the present, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo meets with Si-Hyeon and is surprised by her demeanour. She tells him that she liked that Seo A-Ri was honest, claiming she has no conflict with Seo A-Ri, but that remains to be seen.

Through a flashback, we see Si-Hyeon returning home after her charity event. As she talks to her husband, she gets a call from Chae-Hee informing her that Seo A-Ri attacked the Gabin society in her latest post. It seems only Jun-Kyung was amused by Seo A-Ri’s post. Even Seo A-Ri’s mom is worried about her prodding the hornet nest. The Gabin Society is also taking a hit and being mocked online. They had planned Live Videos and they worry that the followers will only care about their response to Seo A-Ri’s alleged attack.

In the end, they each do the live streams as planned and call out Seo A-Ri, saying she is simply jealous. Min-Hye takes it to another level as she dramatically calls out Seo A-Ri in their meeting at Seung-Hyeok’s office. Seo A-Ri simply tells her to calm down and ends their little ruse to act as besties. A-Ri is also losing followers on her account and Seung-Hyeok goes into damage control. He thinks Seo A-Ri pushed her luck too far and warns her to anticipate a real shit storm from Min-Hye’s followers. After the meeting, Seo A-Ri reaches out to Bbbfamous.

Tae-Jeon hears about the online drama when Myeong-ho mentions that he needs to post and show support for his wife online. Si-Hyeon doesn’t have an Instagram account so she uses her maid’s account to keep up with the drama.

Meanwhile, Hyeon-Ok and Jeong-Sun take it upon themselves to defend Seo A-Ri’s honour online. Apparently, a hate account has already been formed and things are looking bleak. Jeong-Sun tries to cheer Seo A-Ri’ by telling her that she still has a few people on her side. Seo A-Ri reaches out to Bbbfamous again and asks for her help to turn things around.

In the meantime, Min-Hye worries that the Gabin Society is icing her out. Her husband tries to be supportive but she only demeans him. A few minutes later, things take a turn as powerful online communities show their support for Seo A-Ri.  This is thanks to Bbbfamous allegiance with Seo A-Ri.  The swift change in public opinion saves Seo A-Ri and she gains more followers.

The most notable is Jun-Kyung, who follows her account. This is big because it is the only account he follows and that carries some weight in this world.  This is great news to Seo A-Ri, but horrible news to Chae-Hee.

Si-Hyeon visits her and asks her to grow up and stop getting angry over Seo A-Ri’s opinion. Chae-Hee asks her how she can dare to support Seo A-Ri when Jun-Kyung is paying her attention. Chae-Hee hints that maybe Jun-kyung is doing “it” to Seo A-Ri and that is why he is showering her with attention. It is unclear what Chae-Hee means but I think she is implying that Jun-Kyung did the same thing with Si-hyeon.

Elsewhere, Seo A-Ri meets with Jun-Kyung to discuss a settlement. She tells him that she is withdrawing her complaint and is not looking to fight him. Jun-Kyung asks why she started the online fight and explains he followed her online out of curiosity. He also admits that he is interested in her. He has a reputation for dating people below his station so everyone nicknamed him ‘Princess Maker’. Seo A-Ri is not impressed by his proposal to meet as she thinks he is a pompous spoilt chaebol.

The scene cuts to Seo A-Ri during her beginning era as an influencer. We start seeing her journey to stardom through a series of sponsorships. There are also rumours linking her to Jun-Kyung but we still don’t know what her answer to his proposal was. Through the flashback, we see that Jun-Kyung’s company invited her to one of their events. Seung-Hyeok himself saw to it that Seo A-Ri was invited as one of the influencers.

Si-Hyeon also attended the event and Tae-Jeon had asked her to relay a message to Jun-Kyung. It seems Tae-Jeon was worried that Jun-Kyung was investing too much of his time in chasing Seo A-Ri.

Min-Hye was also in attendance and lost it when she found out that Seo A-Ri was personally paid to attend. Min-Hye was angry that despite having a bigger platform, Hue Cosmetics was not paying her. Seo A-Ri asks her to take it up with the company and Min-Hye accuses her of seducing Jun-Kyung. Min-Hye was not the only one who thought so though; the Gabin Society suspected the same.

At the party, Seo A-Ri makes a connection with Song Yeon-Woo. Yeon Woo is an actress and a friend of Chae-Hee. Chae-Hee takes it personally when Yeon-Woo tries to befriend Seo A-Ri. She starts a fight with Yeon-Woo and accuses her of using Seo A-Ri as a stepping stone to renew her contract with Jun-Kyung’s entertainment company. Chae-Hee is right but she didn’t have to start a fight over it because of her hurt ego.

Si-Hyeon also thought the same and tells Jun-Kyung as much. Si-Hyeon asks him to stop playing games with Seo A-Ri because she is a good person. Si-Hyeon worries that Seo A-Ri will get hurt. Jun-Kyung argues that she turned out fine despite his little games and insists he was the one who got hurt.

As the fight between Chae-Hee and Yeon-Woo intensifies, Seo A-Ri steps in. Seo A-Ri asks why she acts like a big shot when she can only ride on her family’s wealth. Si-Hyeon intervenes and asks Chae-Hee to keep her eyes peeled as she herself is being watched. Si-Hyeon quickly escorts Yeon-Woo to get changed.

Seo A-Ri also decides to leave and thanks Si-Hyeon for the help. Si-Hyeon asks her if they can be friends and connect on social media. Si-Hyeon finally opens her personal account, and, of course, Seo A-Ri is happy to have Si-Hyeon follow her.

The scene cuts to Jun-Kyung, Si-Hyeon and Seo A-Ri deciding to be friends the night of the event. Did Seo A-Ri kill Jun-Kyung?

Back in the present, Seo A-Ri continues her live stream while Si-Hyeon talks with the detective. She tells them that she wanted to help Seo A-Ri until the latter did something wrong.

In her live stream, Seo A-Ri talks about misunderstandings that piled up. The Gabin Society members are also doing their live streams while this is going on, insisting that Seo A-Ri is lying and Chae-Hee claims that Seo A-Ri killed a man who did nothing but support her.

The episode ends with Seo A-Ri admitting on her live stream that she is responsible for someone’s death.

The Episode Review

Wow! What a bombshell that last revelation was! Who did Seo A-Ri kill? Come to think of it, we have not seen Jun-Kyung in the recent timeline. Did he die? Did Seo A-Ri kill him and why? At the moment, it is certainly looking like she did. However, it would be wise to remember that this is a drama and Seo A-Ri is only getting started with her narration of the events.

I am curious to know what happened to Jun-Kyung and Si-Hyeon. It is clear they dated but who hurt whom and how did Tae-Jeon come into the picture? Most importantly, does Tae-Jeon know about their past?

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