Celebrity – K-drama Episode 2 “#following, follower” Recap & Review

#following, follower

Episode 2 of Celebrity begins with another masterclass from Seo A-Ri on how social media works. In particular, she is covering how influencers use their hunger for attention to propel themselves into fame and get money, power and influence.

That is just how the game is played and we all end up envying the luxurious lifestyle these influencers live. What would you do if you got a chance to be the hottest influencer? Would you turn it down or eat life with a big spoon? As Seo A-Ri continues to narrate in her Live, we get to know what choice she made.

Back in the present, the Gabin Society is having an impromptu meeting to figure out how Seo A-Ri rose from the dead. She certainly is no Lazurus; did she record the videos before or is she alive and about to screw them all over? Si-Hyeon thinks that Seo A-Ri is alive as she is answering and interacting with the audience during the Live video. All of them can’t help but wish Seo A-Ri would have just stayed dead.

In the meantime, Seo A-Ri is having the time of her life interacting with the audience and breaking her silence on her experience. She can imagine how the exposé is affecting her enemies and is ready to spill more secrets.

Through a flashback, we learn what happened the night of the fight between Biniimom and Min-Hye. Seo A-Ri stepped in and was caught in the wrath of Biniimom who poured red wine all over her dress. Not only did Seo A-Ri slap and pour a drink on Biniimom, she also dragged her for filth. The ladies of the Real Housewives franchise would be proud.

Their interactions make Jun-Kyung more impressed with Seo A-Ri and he is not the only one who notices she is a diamond in the rough. Ju Seung-Hyeok from A.Picks Communication also notices and introduces himself to Seo A-Ri.

Meanwhile, Si-Hyeon goes home and asks her maid about the store doing the alterations on her dress. On the other hand, Seo A-Ri and her mom stress over how to clean the expensive dress, it is not like they have 12 million Won lying around to pay for the damaged dress.

The next morning, Jun-Kyung sets about doing his business, making money moves while also exercising. We love a man who can multitask! Tae-Jeon visits and finds him at an indoor climbing gym. Tae-Jeon invites him to check out Myeong-Ho’s car dealership store and maybe buy a new luxurious car. They find Myeong-Ho trying to calm down a stressed Min-Hye who is worried about what went down at the party with Biniimom.

Tae-Jeon and Jun-Kyung have a small talk about the party and we learn that  Jun-Kyung and Si-Hyeon know each other from college. However, we get the feeling that there is more to the story here. Jun-Kyung tells Tae-Jeon that he didn’t see Si-Hyeon at the party since he had to leave earlier.

Concurrently, Chae-hee, Angela and Ji-Na are icing Min-Hye after her fight with Biniimom at the party. Min-Hye is not ready to go down without a fight so she succumbs to desperate measures to make it look like all is well with her brand and the girls.

On the other side of town, Jeong-Sun understands Seo A-Ri’s frustration over the dress but still wants her to post pictures from the party. She figure that Seo A-Ri could get more followers on her Instagram page. Seo A-Ri is surprised to see she has new followers after Min-Hye followed her back. As they talk, Seo A-Ri gets a call from Seung-Hyeok and she is surprised that he has her number. Seung-Hyeok is not the only one looking for Seo A-Ri. Jun-Kyung is also trying to track her down. He DM’s her but she ignores him, which intrigues the guy further.

Seo A-Ri agrees to meet with Seung-Hyeok and thinks he is a weirdo stalking her and wonders why he of all people would be interested in her. She only agreed to meet with him to gauge him and see if he is the real deal. Of course, Seung-Hyeok already did a background check on her which pisses off Seo A-Ri. He tells Seo A-Ri that she has potential and he can turn her into a social media princess. He throws out Min-Hye’s name to bait her.

After the meeting, Seo A-Ri returns home and finds Si-Hyeon at the shop to pick up her dress. Si-Hyeon had doubts but now she is sure that Seo A-Ri was wearing her dress. Seo A-Ri and her mom profusely apologize and Seo A-Ri offers to pay for the damages. Si-Hyeon declines their offer and tells Seo A-Ri that she was intending to throw the dress out anyway. Ever the epitome of an elegant lady, Si-Hyeon gracefully handles the situation. She simply accepts Seo A-Ri’s apology and leaves.

In truth, she is affected by what happened to the dress, it reminds her of someone. It was a gift she treasured and she couldn’t bear to part with even after getting married. She heads back home and sees a notification from Min-Hye publicly inviting them to a live stream the next day. She is roping them in and using social media to make the ladies from Gabin hang out with her.

As expected, Chae-Hee is ready to cut Min-Hye loose and makes as much clear during their impromptu meeting. According to her, there are levels to this game and Min-Hye should stick to her lane. Si-Hyeon disagrees and calls out Chae-Hee’s logic. She announces that she will be going and supporting Min-Hye. She thinks it will be better for their image. Chae-Hee realizes that Si-Hyeon has a point but feels like she is always being undermined.

Ahead of her live stream, Min-Hye meets with Seo A-Ri over a couple of drinks. She is still in disbelief about how things turned out in Seo A-Ri’s life. Seo A-Ri tells her that she does door-to-door sales of beauty products and Min-Hye drags her to her showroom. Seo A-Ri is surprised to see Min-Hye’s success firsthand.

The ladies soon arrive led by Si-Hyeon and Min-Hye puts on an Oscar-worthy performance acting like everything is cool. She and the ladies look like they are so friendly and tight.  Min-Hye also takes the opportunity to introduce Seo A-Ri to her followers and even markets Seo A-Ri’s beauty products. She declares Seo A-Ri her recently reconnected  bestie and how they have each other’s backs.

After the Live video, the ladies (excluding Si-Hyeon) try to mock Seo A-Ri and Min-Hye’s latest stunt. They think Min-Hye is using Seo A-Ri to distract her followers from her feud with Biniimom.

Seo A-Ri is also not impressed with Min-Hye and accuses her of using to clean her online image. Min-Hye is in no position to judge her. She thinks Seo A-Ri is jealous of her success and calls her delusional for thinking they are true friends. It turns out Min-Hye only liked Seo A-Ri back in the day because she was rich. Their fates are turned and Min-Hye believes it is okay to use Seo A-Ri. After all, she figures Seo A-Ri should be grateful she deemed it okay to bless her with her influence.

Seo A-Ri leaves the store shocked and hurt by Min-Hye and the fact that Si-Hyeon overheard their confrontation. She starts thinking about everything everyone has told her, especially Seung-Hyeok.

The scene cuts to Seo A-Ri ‘s ongoing livestream where she is narrating the power of having followers and how some agency creates fake followers. As it turns out, this is what Seung-Hyeok has been doing with Min-Hye’s account. After the feud with Biniimom, Min-Hye lost some followers so she paid Seung-Hyeok to create fake followers for her account.

In the end, Seo A-Ri also points out that it is not only about gaining followers but getting celebrities to follow you back.  In her case, she got lucky and got a coveted connection which fell into her lap without her trying.

The show ends with Seo A-Ri getting a call and being summoned to a police station. There, she finds Jun-Kyung and wonders what is going on.

The Episode Review

Once again, the flow of this series is amazing. The writers and director did a great job piecing the past and present moments and still keeping us in suspense. Things are getting more interesting as we learn the start of it all and so far our loyalty lies with Seo A-Ri.

The ending scene brings into focus Jun-Kyung, who is someone we are curious about. What role does he play in leading Seo A-Ri into her villain era? Like Seo A-Ri’s followers, we are tuning in to the next chapter with our cups ready to have the hot tea she is serving.

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