Celebrity – K-drama Episode 11 “#but_she’s_dead” Recap & Review


Episode 11 of Celebrity starts with Seo A-Ri at the police station unable to believe Jeong-Sun betrayed her. Du-Seong is also surprised and lashes out at Jeong-Sun, promising to make her pay. Seo A-Ri tells him that it is pointless and rushes out. Jeong-Sun chases after her, trying to explain.

A-Ri asks her how she could do this to her. Seo A-Ri was under the impression that she could handle the trolls because they didn’t know her. Sadly, it turns out that one of the trolls was actually her best friend. Ouch!

Jeong-Sun apologizes and tries to explain that she got jealous and stressed out so she turned to trolling to relieve her stress. Initially, she was happy for A-Ri’s success but started feeling small as her career blossomed. The hate accounts started making her feel like she was someone so she kept posting but later stopped. Jeong-Sun tells her that she is sorry and after the Aragon incident happened, she started to defend Seo A-Ri.

We go back to Seo A-Ri’s live stream and she tells us more about the pain she felt that day. The scene cuts to paramedics rushing Jun-Kyung to the hospital with Si-Hyeon worriedly following behind. Seo A-Ri gets a call that someone is dead and we see her crushing her car into a body of water. It seems like she opted to commit suicide but who is dead?

Back in the present, Seo A-Ri’s live stream is being picked up by mainstream media and everyone wants answers. They want to know if Seo A-Ri is still alive and what the police are doing about all the crimes she mentioned in her Live Stream.

Detective Jang Hyun-Soo is already on the case and badgering his new boss to open the case again. His boss is inclined to say no as technically, Seo A-Ri was declared dead three months ago and there is no evidence. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo tells his boss that Tae-Jeon covered up the truth and he has the evidence to prove it.

We then see a frantic Tae-Jeon ordering his staff to shred all documents. He also calls An Jae-Hun to ask if they are getting close to finding Seo A-Ri’s location. Fortunately, their search is yet to bear any fruits. As he talks to Jae-Hun, another employee informs him that a search warrant for their offices has been issued.

Seo A-Ri gets news that Jun-Kyung had an accident and is unconscious. She begs to see him but Si-Hyeon tells her she can’t. She reads his last message and breaks down as Si-Hyeon comforts her. They say when it rains it pours and Seo A-Ri finally understood this that day.

It turns out that Gyeong-Bae also committed suicide on that day. He left Seo A-Ri a message explaining that he is sorry and blamed himself for pushing the company too hard. In the letter, he blames his greed for the downfall of the company. The news of Gyeong-Bae’s suicide hits social media and everyone blames Seo A-Ri for his death. The outrage online started to get to Seo A-Ri and with everything else going on, she started getting suicidal.

Of course, her downfall is great news for the likes of Min-Hye who resume her life and continues to market her brand online. This makes Si-Hyeon pissed as she sees that Min-Hye got away with her crimes.  She tries to call Seo A-Ri but is unable to reach her.

Her husband pays her a visit and he tries to blame Seo A-Ri for what happened to Jun-Kyung. Si-Hyeon tells him that Seo A-Ri is not to be b;amed and that he is the true culprit in this case. She informs him that she has decided to help Seo A-Ri on Jun-Kyung’s behalf. She let him know that she will be testifying against him and also getting a divorce.

Tae-Jeon threatens to release all the evidence he has against her dad. He believes that he can keep her under control by threatening her with her family. He is taken aback when Si-Hyeon tells him that she is prioritising herself and is moving on.

Back at the hospital, Seo A-Ri is finally allowed to see Jun-Kyung. She realizes that she should have confessed her feeling to Jun-Kyung when she had a chance. She admits that though she is saying it late, she likes him. We learn that Jun-Kyung’s surgery was successful and will be recovering. Si-Hyeon also drops by the hospital and Jun-Kyung’s mom tells her that Seo A-Ri was just at the hospital.

Si-Hyeon tracks Seo A-Ri down and finds her on the verge of committing suicide by jumping off the hospital roof. Si-Hyeon tries to talk her out of it and asks her to remain strong for the people who still need her. A-Ri blames herself for everyone getting hurt but Si-Hyeon tells her she should only bear the responsibility for her own choices, not for other people.

We circle back to Seo A-Ri’s live stream as she explains that no one can avoid the consequences of their actions. It might be fun to try but you can’t run away from that.

In another flashback, we see how Tae-Jeon’s choices led him to be investigated by the police. He tries to maintain his public image insisting he is innocent. However, the police are already zeroing in on him and his accomplice. They get to Min-Chan before he manages to flee the country. A shocked Yu-Rang finally sees the kind of man she married.

As the vultures circle, Min-Hye visits Hyeon-Ok, who’s in prison after being found guilty of tax evasion. Min-Hye wanted to find out whether Seo A-Ri is truly dead but Hyeon-Ok has no answers for her.

Still, in the present, the police and Tae-Jeon’s team simultaneously locate Seo A-Ri. Tae-Jeon orders his men to go get her and the police rush in to save her. Jun-Kyung is alive and also driving to Seo A-Ri’s location. He was genius enough to insert a mole in Tae-Jeon’s team who shared the location with him. Seo A-Ri also gets a notification that her location has been revealed. Luckily, Seo A-Ri is prepared and she texts Si-Hyeon.

Jun-Kyung gets to the location first and proceeds to break down the door. Downstairs, the police arrest Tae-Jeons men who were being led by Yong-Tae.  Finally, Jun-Kyung manages to break the door but in another twist of events, the woman in front of the camera is Jeong-Sun. She is using AI technology to look and sound like A-Ri. She ends the Live Stream by promising that she won’t let her viewers down and will update them on what happens next.

In a flashback, we see Seo A-Ri three months before she was declared dead. She called Si-Hyeon to say goodbye before driving into the water. She asks Si-Hyeon for one last favour: she asks to be powerful and famous enough to be able to make everyone pay for what they have done. The episode ends with her crashing into the water and drowning.

The Episode Review

The happiness that coursed through our bodies after finding out that Jun-Kyung is alive is unmatched. However, we went back to feeling gloomy after finding out that Jeong-Sun is the one doing the live. Does this mean that Seo A-Ri is dead? Is Jeong-Sun doing this out of guilt? We have one episode left so hopefully we will get some answers to all our questions and, hopefully, a happy ending.

This episode also saw Si-Hyeon breaking free and putting herself first. She proved to be a great friend to Seo A-Ri and Jun-Kyung in the end, coming through for them when they needed her the most. I hope she gets a happy ending too.

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