Celebrity – K-drama Episode 10 “#get_your_popcorn_ready” Recap & Review


Episode 10 of Celebrity starts with Detective Jang Hyun-Soo keenly listening to Seo A-Ri’s statement regarding the incident at the Aragon Club. He questions why A-Ri came forth and we cut back to the ongoing live stream before getting a reply to this. A-Ri is still revealing truth bombs and assures us that we are in for one hell of a ride.

Through a flashback, we go to the days leading up to A-Ri’s downfall. The ladies of the Gabin Society, except Si-Hyeon, are having a meeting at the spa. They are talking about the alliance of Bbbfamous and Seo A-Ri. Angela chips in that A-Ri once threatened her and Ji-Na quickly asks if the rumours about her being a prostitute are true. Not missing a beat, Angela hits back at Ji-Na asking about her knockoffs rumour.

They decide that they need to destroy Seo A-Ri, and Chae-Hee offers to take charge of this. Min-Hye points out that Chae-Hee is on a forced social media sabbatical and says she will take Seo A-Ri down. A spa attendant comes in to check if they are ready and they rudely send her off.

Meanwhile, Seo A-Ri meets with Si-Hyeon and confesses she told the police the truth. She clarifies that she only mentioned her role in the saga. After Seo A-Ri lives,  Si-Hyeon calls someone to talk about Seo A-Ri.  It seems like she called Jun-Kyung to give him a heads-up that Seo A-Ri is in trouble.

As expected, Tae-Jeon is on the case and aware that Seo A-Ri spoke to the cops. He asks the police commissioner to bury the case and send Detective Jang Hyun-Soo to another department. All of Detective Jang Hyun-Soo’s cases are immediately handed over to someone else. Of course, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo asks what brought on this sudden transfer and gets into it with his boss. Unfortunately, his boss wins.

Tae-Jeon’s team informs him that Min-Hye was the person who posted the original post about the Aragon incident. He decides to use Min-Hye to turn Seo A-Ri into a scapegoat. Min-Hye is blissfully unaware of Tae-Jeon’s plans and is happy when she is contacted by Bbbfamous. They bond over their hate for Seo A-Ri and promise to work together.

Seo A-Ri’s team is excited after the success of their collaboration with Zhang Wei. Hyeon-Ok notices that Jeong-Sun is sulking and apologizes for what she said previously. Jeong-Sun then comes across a hate account for Seo A-Ri promising to reveal the latter’s true character.

Hyeon-Ok immediately calls Seo A-Ri who was at the factory to ask Gyeong-Bae to halt in-house production for a while. Gyeong-Bae is curious as to why Seo A-Ri would want to do that but she is unable to explain further. Jun-Kyung arrives as Seo A-Ri is talking on the phone to her mom and she realizes that there is trouble.

It turns out her chats with Bbbfamous were altered and shared online. Within this, she is made out to be a villain full of jealous and ambitious plans to screw over her fellow influencers. Social media is on fire and the Gabin society ladies are happy that everyone is turning against Seo A-Ri.

Seo A-Ri goes through the post and realizes that she never says most of the things posted. She asks Jun-Kyung to drive her to Wang Ro-La’s office. She confronts Ro-La and asks if she is Bbbfamous. Ro-La denies it and mocks A-Ri for not knowing the real identity of her enemy. She hints that it is probably someone close to her but is confident that A-Ri will never find them. Jun-Kyung patiently waits outside, making calls ordering his team to prepare a press release and swing into damage control.

Once Seo A-Ri comes out, Jun-Kyung promises to continue the next phase of their collaboration and begs her to let him stand by her side. A-Ri refuses and asks him to distance himself from her so he can save his company. As things continue to brew online, Seung-Hyeok fails to get hold of Seo A-Ri while Du-Seong tries to use his skills to find the identity of Seo A-Ri’s trolls.

Elsewhere, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo meets with his fellow detective and hears about the online drama surrounding  Seo A-Ri. His fellow detective also informs him that the case has been buried and advises to stop going after Tae-Jeon.

Speaking of Tae-Jeon, he visits Min-Hye and threatens to have her and her husband arrested for fraud and defamation. Min-Hye and Myeong-Ho beg him to spare them so he makes them a deal. He asks Min-Hye to go live and accuse Seo A-Ri of making her post the fake news about a man dying at the Aragon Club.

Min-Hye’s live coincides with Seo A-Ri’s live stream where she had just started explaining the rumours around her. She had accepted the blame for working with Bbbfamous to threaten other influencers and clarifies that the chats going viral are forged. She was planning to release the real conversation between her and Bbbfamous and was about to talk about the Aragon incident when Min-Hye also went live. With Min-Hye’s coming out and openly accusing her, Seo A-Ri’s public image takes an even bigger hit.

Min-Hye’s revelation rocks the social media world and  Seo A-Ri is shocked by how they turned the truth against her. Hyeon-Ok is so furious she faints. Si-Hyeon is also shocked by the turn of events and figures out that Min-Hye was following her husband’s orders. She visits him at the office and confronts him. He doesn’t take this argument lightly and Si-Hyeon tells him that she is done. She had tried to save him some dignity and his public image, but she won’t do that anymore.

Tae-Jeon stops her from leaving and demands to know what she means. As they talk, Jun-Kyung barges in and informs Tae-Jeon that he is suing him on behalf of A-Ri. Tae-Jeon is surprised and says that they have no case. Jun-Kyung tells him that he was also present and he will give his testimony to the police.

Jun-Kyung leaves with Si-Hyeon and she asks to join forces and help  Seo A-Ri out. Jun-Kyung gets in his car and asks his team to prepare the legal team as he is heading to the police station. The police commissioner calls Tae-Jeon to inform him of this new development. Tae-Joon calls Yong-Tae and orders him to kill Jun-Kyung.

Concurrently, Gyeong Bae calls  Seo A-Ri and tells her that the customers are returning their orders and demanding refunds. She promises to head out to the factory soon but on her way, her brother informs her that the police have arrested some of her trolls.

Seo A-Ri heads to the police station and is shocked beyond words to see Jeong-Sun there. A-Ri accidentally drops her phone over Jeong-Sun’s betrayal and misses the last message Jun-Kyung sent, assuring her everything will be fine.

Unfortunately, nothing is fine. Jun-Kyung never made it to the police station as he ended up in an accident with a truck, which rams into his car.

The episode ends with Seo A-Ri asking her viewers on the live stream if they enjoyed her pain and suffering.

The Episode Review

I am still reeling from that ending. Our boy Jun-Kyung didn’t deserve this. We can only hope that he pulls through and Tae-Jeon gets what is coming to him.

We are not surprised that Jeong-Sun betrayed Seo A-Ri, there were signs that she was getting jealous. It is, however, understandable that her betrayal rocked Seo A-Ri’s life. She trusted and loved Jeong-Sun and never thought that she would stab her in the back. We can’t wait to see what happens next as things are looking very bleak right now.

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