Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 7 “Blood Is the Only Way” Recap & Review

Blood Is the Only Way

In Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 7, Erzsebet Bathory hosts a feast for the vampires and other night creatures. The Messiah’s representative, Drolta, informs her shortly thereafter that the Abbot is the father of a daughter.

Following that, we see Tera trying to calm down an upset Maria. Tera continues by explaining that she kept the fact that the Abbot was Maria’s biological father a secret because she didn’t want Maria to be treated as an illegitimate kid.

Not long after, Tera is attacked by vampires, and Maria helps defend her. After a fierce battle, Richter appears and quickly destroys the vampires with his impressive powers.

Following this, Richter reveals to Tera that he has learned of his grandfather’s existence, and Tera expresses regret for having concealed his true identity from him. Shortly after, Richter visits Annette and apologizes to her for running away. Now that Annette has a better grasp of the issue in question, she agrees that they need to formulate a strategy.

Erzsebet visits the Abbot for a conversation. He is challenged to demonstrate his loyalty to Erzsebet. Following that, he is told to prove his loyalty by sacrificing his daughter, Maria.

The group is formulating a strategy to eliminate the vampire infestation. Since the vampires will be at the château at dawn, they make the decision to attack the abbey. They decide to split the two up to carry out their plan.

When is group is wondering about the creation of the night creatures, Olrox shows up. He then proceeds to explain the mechanism and gives them a book detailing its inner workings.

Maria decides to visit the Abbot at the church. She then urges him to accompany her and, perhaps, raise her as a father figure. The Abbot now betrays her and arranges for the night creatures to capture her.

The group immediately sets out to free Maria after learning of her capture. All the supernatural beings are then shown to be ascending into the sky as the Messiah covers the sun with the moon, signalling the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

This is a classic penultimate episode, serving to set the stage for the season’s ending. In the episode, we witness the Abbot’s act of betrayal as he agrees to offer his daughter to the Messiah. This episode also features the beginning of the supernatural being’s plot to eliminate the sun with the aid of Erzsebet Bathory. The episode also suggests that Richter and Annette may have an infatuation towards each other.

The Abbot’s portrayal in the show is the only real problem with it. All the characters in the show, except for the Abbot, are layered and multifaceted. The Abbot, though, is portrayed as a fanatical religious extremist. He doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities whatsoever, besides his rationale of trying to protect God and the church.

However, the revolutionaries are not presented as an irrational bunch, despite the fact that they are. This makes for a strawman, one-sided argument throughout the show. The Abbot makes an excellent point when he states that a major problem will arise with the destruction of the foundation upon which society rests. It’s somewhat disappointing that this perfectly logical argument is overlooked during the show.

The show’s premise, character development, action scenes, and emotional moments are all excellent. The penultimate episode sets up the season finale beautifully, and it will be exciting to watch how all the loose ends are resolved.

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