Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Natural Order” Recap & Review

The Natural Order

In Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 5, we see a devastated Richter. It appears as though seeing Olrox reopened old wounds for him. Remembering how Olrox murdered his mother brings up painful childhood memories, and he starts sobbing uncontrollably, like he did then.

The story then switches to Annette, who expresses her desire to visit the abbey with the intention of rescuing Edouard. However, Maria and Tera stop her, advising her that they must first formulate a strategy and wait for Richter’s return. Annette expresses her feelings of anger and disappointment in the aftermath of Richter’s decision to run away, while Tera attempts to foster empathy inside her towards his circumstances, though without success.

Following this, Annette explains to Maria and Tera that she only plans to spy on them while they’re at the Abbey, and they agree to let her go. The Abbot visits the mother and daughter shortly after. He then tries to explain his actions to them. He leaves after telling Maria that she is his daughter, a revelation that leaves her devastated.

Annette finds Vaublanc at the Abbey. When she spots him, all of her pent-up rage explodes outward. After an intense battle, Annette manages to corner Vaublanc in a cross-shaped cage from which he can’t seem to free himself.

While confronting Vaublanc, he gives her a lecture on his interpretation of the natural order. This leads him to boast about the Messiah’s might. On the dawn’s arrival, Annette asserts that the natural course of events entails the sun’s triumph over darkness, resulting in the demise of the vampire in question as he is trapped within the confines of the cross prison.

Richter is at a bar, attempting to haggle his way into ordering some meal. An old man pays for him. Shortly thereafter, a supernatural entity wreaks havoc within the establishment, prompting the elderly gentleman to defeat it. In the episode’s final scenes, the man reveals himself to be Richter’s grandfather, Juste Belmont.

The Episode Review

The identity of Maria’s father is revealed in this episode. In addition, Annette exacts revenge for her mother’s death by fighting the wicked Vaublanc in a spectacular battle. A new character, Juste Belmont, is introduced in this episode.

Similar to the previous episodes, this one is bursting with thrilling and exhilarating action sequences. The episode and the show as a whole lends the characters a great deal of depth, which makes them more nuanced and sympathetic. Additionally, the show’s animation is just as mind-blowing. To put it mildly, the colour grading, the rich visuals, and the scenery are all breathtaking.

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