Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 4 “Horrors Rising from the Earth” Recap & Review

Horrors Rising from the Earth

Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 4 opens with the Abbot paying a visit to an imprisoned and newly-transformed Edouard. The Abbot tells him that he must fulfil the purpose for which he had been transformed into a night creature.

The action then shifts to Annette, who, upon discovering Edouard in his night creature guise, is caught off guard and horrified. Maria then speculates that the Abbot might be collaborating with supernatural beings. Tera, on the other hand, believes in the Abbot’s goodness despite the situation.

Following this, they make the decision to investigate whether the Abbot has collaborated with the bad guys. Annette suggests confronting the Forgemaster within the abbey afterward in order to save Edouard.

Tera then gives her opinion. She explains that there is a hidden entrance to the abbey that they can use. While they’re at it, they decide to keep an eye out for demonic machines as well. Tera has decided to participate in the mission with the rest of the team this time.

Olrox and the Abbot are clearly having sexual relations. Olrox attempts to persuade him that the Messiah will toss him aside when she no longer has a need for him. This is followed by him asking the Abbot about certain faith-related issues, to which the latter responds by defending the Church and God.

On entering the abbey, Drolta, the Messiah’s representative, is seen talking to the Abbot. The subsequent fight between the humans and the monsters proves intense. Edouard’s voice can be heard singing softly in the background.

Annette sees Edouard, who is currently imprisoned. To put an end to his suffering, she asks if he wants her to murder him. Following this, Edouard starts to feel threatened by her.

The group fights valiantly until Richter spots Olrox. Richter then enters a trancelike state, in which he appears to psychologically regress back to his younger self. He is shown to be terrified of Olrox, and he eventually warns the others that they must run.

They all seem to be leaving. Annette assures Edouard that she will come to his rescue before this happens. Richter is not with them when they leave the abbey. Annette is fuming mad at Richter and is accusing him of running away.

The Episode Review

This episode centres around the group’s entrance into the abbey and the subsequent conflict that arises between the malicious creatures and the group. Annette has the opportunity to come across Edouard, who has undergone a transformation into a nocturnal being, while Richter finds Olrox.

The episode serves to further the plot and showcases the valiant efforts of our primary characters in the fight. Moreover, the character development exhibited by the characters is truly remarkable. Annette, Richter, and Terra have a compelling backstory that elicits genuine empathy from the audience.

The show and the particular episode in question feature a multitude of action sequences. Moreover, the show exhibits a sombre characteristic that enhances its overall darkness and magnificence.

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