Castlevania: Nocturne – Season 1 Episode 1 “A Common Enemy in Evil” Recap & Review

A Common Enemy in Evil

Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 1 begins with a glimpse at the mother (Julia Belmont) of our little protagonist, Richter Belmont, and she has decided to send Richter to live with his aunt. Not long after, Julia is attacked by a vampire known as Olrox, whom she valiantly confronts. While little Richter watches helplessly, she comes close to defeating the vampire before it transforms into a bird-like creature and kills her.

Following this, Olrox goes up to Richter and confesses that he murdered his mum out of revenge. He then says he will murder Richter someday and walks away.

Nine years later, there are discussions of the French Revolution. Maria Renard is leading a revolutionary conference near the woodlands of the Vendee. Our now-adult protagonist can be seen at the gathering. Not long after, vampires crash the gathering and are wiped out by Richter. The final vampire Richter murders foretells the impending arrival of the immortal Messiah and his vengeance. The vampire is killed by Richter nonetheless.

Richter and Maria have suspicions that a group of evil vampires are gathering at the Marquis’ chateau. They deduce that they are waiting for their beloved Messiah. Consequently, Richter and Maria reach out to the abbot for guidance. Emmanuel understands that Marquis may have provided help to the vampires. However, he is not a supporter of the uprising either. 

Following that, Richter and Maria head out for a meal at Maria’s mom’s place. While talking to her, the trio is ambushed by mysterious night creatures. Saint-Domingue-based heroes Annette and Edouard then show up. Following this, they rescue the monster-targets, Richter and Maria.

At the very end of the episode, we get another glimpse at the vampire that killed Richter’s mum, Julia. At the port, Olrox runs into another vampire called Vaublanc. The episode comes to a close after he instructs Vaublanc to inform his Messiah that he has returned.

The Episode Review

The inaugural episode introduces viewers to the primary protagonist, Richter Belmont. Furthermore, the narrative provides insight into the protagonist’s backstory, revealing that his mother, Julia, met her demise at the hands of a bloodthirsty being named Olrox.

The episode effectively establishes the story’s premise and introduces us to the main characters. Additionally, the amalgamation of the French aristocracy with vampiric elements was truly remarkable. Furthermore, the main character has been provided with a compelling backstory.

In addition, the antagonist also appears to be a formidable force to reckon with. The character in question exhibits an evident justification for his actions, contributing significantly to the complexity of his character. Consequently, our curiosity is piqued, prompting us to learn more about him.

The animation in the show is truly remarkable. The visual elements, including the scenery, the realistic portrayal of the characters, and the color grading, are genuinely jaw-dropping.


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