Castlevania – Season 4 Ending Explained

The Story

Castlevania season 4 continues the story of this videogame adaptation by splitting its plot across multiple different timelines. Essentially the season’s main plot-line splits itself in half, with the first 6 or so episodes tackling Carmilla and her threat to the world.

The second half changes perspective, seeing Varney and Ratko come to the foreground as they go after Belmont and Sypha. At the same time, Saint Germain sets to work opening the InfiniteĀ Corridor and bringing Dracula back from the dead.

Who dies in the Castlevania finale?

As the episode opens, we see Lenore and Hector together discussing strength and power. Lenore realizes she’s been lied to all this time by Carmilla and decides to take her own life; she’s seizing her small grip of power and exacting that how she sees fit. She steps out onto the balcony and allows the sun to burn her up.

Saint Germain also dies but this goes back to episode 9 in truth, where the Infinite Corridor is closed and our conjurer winds up with a blade through his heart for his troubles. On the same note, Zamfir was mortally wounded earlier in the season too.

Is Trevor Belmont dead or alive?

Trevor Belmont is alive. After slaying the grim reaper with the magical dagger last episode, it’s presumed that he’s dead in an act of self-sacrifice. However, he was saved by the Infinite Corridor, which whisked him away and spat him out North of Dracula’s castle. When Belmont makes his triumphant return, he slumps off the horse in a battered mess.

How Does Castlevania Season 4 end?

Alucard opens up Dracula’s castle to the people of Danesti, deciding to turn it into a brand new village. At first he settles on the name of Belmont, until he finds his friend very much alive. However, several of the orphaned children have begun to call Alucard ‘Father’, which is a really nice touch and reinforces a more human side to his character.

Sypha is also pregnant too, leading one to believe she and Belmont will settle down together now and live a quiet life. Alucard is happy and content, presumably likely to settle down with Greta.

Isaac is off ruling his own way while Morana and Striga aren’t heard of again since deciding to travel West. Finally, Hector decides to settle down and write a book.

In the midst of all this though, there is an epilogue at the end of the episode…

Are Dracula and Lisa alive?

Within this aforementioned epilogue, it’s revealed that Dracula and Lisa are still alive. After the ritual was interrupted last season, the sacred body was never infused with Dracula and Lisa’s souls. This saw both souls whisked out and, presumably, spat out around the same time that Belmont was after the incident with the Grim Reapter.

Both Dracula and Lisa wake up elsewhere with no knowledge of the ritual. Grateful for their second chance, the pair decide to settle down at a small abbey in England, an area where the sun doesn’t shine too often. (Let’s be honest, they should have picked Scotland if they wanted a place where the sun doesn’t shine!)

As the pair lie together on a bed, they rest easy in the knowledge that Alucard has a sense of closure.

Will there be a Castlevania season 5?

Absolutely not. The show has not been renewed and quite rightly so – this fourth season serves as a conclusive chapter to what’s come before. All of our stories are rounded out nicely, with little in the way of ambiguity. As far as satisfying conclusions go, Castlevania absolutely nails it.



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