Castlevania – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Walk Away

Episode 3 of Castlevania season 4 begins with Isaac, fresh off the skirmish that gripped this town last season. One of the night creatures is confused, wondering why Isaac is having them bury the bodies.

He’s got them going against their nature, forced to rebuild the town and change their ways. Will the night creatures be capable of change? Isaac seems to think so, and he pedals this idea through the notion of eating berries. As a winged beast sits with him and contemplates its purpose, memories of a life gone by flash back when it eats one o these berries Isaac offers it.

In the castle, the mirror conjures forth to produce the image of Varney. He connects to Isaac and confirms he’s trying to bring Dracula back. Both vampire and human are working together and in doing so, bringing this nightmarish vision to fruition. According to Varney, Dracula owes these vampires death and his work is unfinished. Isaac hears enough though and eventually cuts the man off, continuing on his mission.

Meanwhile, Morana and Striga discuss their plan and begin to exhibit concerns over Carmilla’s scheming. However, they’re interrupted by the tents being attacked. With Morana kept safe for now, Striga grabs her day armour and attacks the villagers head-on.

Blood and violence ensues, as Striga dispatches these villagers with little trouble. As Striga collects up Morana again, Carmilla speaks to them through the mirror and urges the pair to come home. Hector has finished and he’s ready for the next stage.

Elsewhere, Belmont checks out the stone he collected last episode. It turns out it fits perfectly in his knife. Zamfir arrives and claims she has important matters to discuss, but right now Belmont and Sypha are making their own terms. They need to assess the situation themselves first, and that involves going it alone.

The Episode Review

The switching focus to each of these different characters continues as Castlevania intricately weaves these different subplots together. The idea of change and seeing Carmilla’s vampire brethren doubting her plan is an interesting take and looks like it could backfire in spectacular fashion.

It’s also something that’s overshadowed slightly by this plan from Varney and the other Dracula worshippers to bring back their dark lord.

With some great action and an intriguing ending, Netflix’s anime series continues to deliver the goods.

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