Castlevania – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Having The World

Episode 2 of Castlevania Season 4 begins back at the castle. Hector is still a slave and working with Varney’s associates. Given Striga and Morana have been away for weeks, while Carmilla is busy drawing maps, Lenore is alone and bored. Hector tests her resolve further, claiming she’s being sidelined.

Despite Hector being a forgemaster, he delays on Carmilla’s wishes and claims he needs tools to make his hammer. After some light innuendos and flirting, Lenore warns him to be careful with the vampiric nightmare. He doesn’t want to test her patience.

Carmilla however, has drawn up a large map and intents to take everything from the stupid old men ruling these lands. Lenore listens in silence as her vampiric sister mentions extending their gaze further than Braila to what lies beyond; she intends to conquer and take over, making sure vampire-kind rule over all. Lenore however, is conflicted over what to think of this.

Carmilla is blinded by rage though and that maniacal, crazed plague that seems to be spreading across the world can be felt wholeheartedly in Carmilla’s lust for revenge. Lenore eventually speaks with a sigh, “Is this what it’s all been for?”

Before she can get a chance to ponder this rhetorical question, blinding light stems from the workhouse. Hector has finished his hammer.

Meanwhile, Trevor Belmont and Sypha find themselves surrounding by hell-beasts. Varney and Ratko watch from the rafters, studying how this pair work and fight together.

Just like that though, a woman named Zamfir arrives, who claims this trap was actually for her – not them. She too knows about the plot to bring Dracula back from the dead. After thwarting the threat, and before we can learn more, she notices the vampires on the roof and hurries off.

Belmont however, snatches up a jewel from the ground before heading off with Sypha.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Castlevania changes tact slightly, as we see Carmilla and the vampires restlessly waiting for Hector to finish his hammer. It’s here we also learn more about Carmilla’s world-ending plans, and it certainly doesn’t look good for our characters if that comes to fruition.

In fact, this world-ending plot looks like it could well encapsulate the rest of the episodes and it’s clear she has a lot of hostility and hatred toward these men who have wronged her.

This hatred could well be her undoing though, with Lenore aware now that Carmilla’s plan is simply revenge and not to preserve their own kind. Could this be a crucial point going forward?

Either way though, the ending to both sub-plots leave tantalizing possibilities for the rest of the season.

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