Castlevania – Season 4 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review

It’s Been A Strange Ride

Episode 10 of Castlevania Season 4 bows out with a satisfying conclusion, one that begins with Hector and Lenore discussing Carmilla’s philosophy. After all, with vampires living a lot longer and humans only living for a finite amount of years, vampire kind have to take a more proactive stance.

Ultimately this struggle is whittled down into s simple debate of power VS strength. This is what eventually led Carmilla to her downfall. Lenore likens strength to a parasite – or, as Hector so eloquently puts it, like a vampire.

Having found out to be living a lie, Lenore bitterly comments on the cage she’s in and how she wants to break free from it on her own terms. She’s going to end it all, stepping out into the sun. Hector meanwhile, intends to write a book while King Isaac sits atop his throne.

Meanwhile, Alucard opens up Dracula’s castle to all the villagers. Books are read, buildings are propped up outside and children laugh joyously. The fight is finally over and Greta intends to stay, which prompts Alucard to worry about fitting in. Only, some of the kids have been calling him Father in this beautifully poetic ending.

While Alucard settles into his new role in life, Sypha intends to leave. With no Belmont now and the sudden reveal that she’s pregnant, she intends to rejoin her caravan. Alucard however, holds his hand and suggests she stay. In fact, Alucard intends to create a new village, calling it Belmont. Sypha changes her mind and decides to stick around after all.

That’s probably just as well. A horse rocks up carrying a robed body. Under that robe is Belmont! It turns out piercing the dagger into Death actually caused him to jump into the Infinite Corridor before falling just north of the Danube.

In the midst of all this, Alucard feels weirdly happy and smiles. A genuine smile of relief and satisfaction. Sypha weeps, as she realized they’ve finally won.

We then cut to rain pounding on the streets outside. Dracula and Lisa are still alive, somehow, given a second chance at life. This time though they intend to travel, and settle on an abbey in Whitby, England to live out in peace. As they lie on the bed together, hand in hand, the episode – and series – draws to a close.

The Episode Review

Castlevania has been a wild ride over the years but this fourth season bows everything out conclusively with almost every plot thread resolved. Although it would have been nice to see more of Isaac and his story, the other subplots are all resolved in a rather satisfying manner.

Alucard, Belmont and Sypha in particular all get excellent endings and it’s certainly been quite the wild ride for them all up. This has set everything up beautifully for this final chapter, which sees all three storylines converge together and conclude in the best way possible.

While the Carmilla story has been a little disappointing, Lenore does get a decent ending in the midst of all this. As she heads off into the sun, she meets a poetic end after that chat about strength vs power. In the end, she clutches what little power she has left and chooses her own ending.

The only niggling point here comes from Morana and Striga who just seem to disappear without being heard from again. In hindsight it would have been nice to get some closure there.

Despite that, the series comes to a close with a decent conclusion, but one that’s quite bittersweet given we’re in the knowledge there’s no more Castlevania. Still, this fourth season bows out on a high, rounding out all our plot threads in the best possible way.


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