Castlevania – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Infinite Mirror

Episode 5 of Castlevania begins with Belmont heading out to the tranquil forest. There, he runs into the Judge who follows him out. They talk about the Judge’s past and his history in the town before walking back together and finding a strange symbol carved on the outside of the walls.

Up at the Priory, Saint Germain continues to read through the books, watching from afar as the monks talk quietly amongst themselves. As the monks leave him in peace, Saint Germain uses an item in his tunic to follow stairs descending down toward what he seeks. Only, Sala blocks his path and questions just what he’s doing. Thankfully, Saint Germain manages to talk his way out of wandering off and hastily leaves.

Back in town, he runs into Sypha who tries to convince him to talk about what he’s found in the Priory. After making acquaintances, he tells her that the place reeks of night creatures but also that he’s searching for a very specific item. They also discuss the symbols around town, and the oddity of the marks themselves.

As Belmont arrives on the scene, he grabs the Count and escorts him to the Tavern where they can have a “quiet chat”. Once there, Belmont asks him outright about the Priory and what’s happening there. Saint Germain mentions the Infinite Mirror – a system of doors into different worlds, with one of them potentially leading to Hell. Under the Priory, there’s a gateway that could lead him back to the person he’s lost. It’s here Belmont asks the big question – what if the creature never left?

Out in the forest, Sumi and Taka are taught how to fight by Alucard who revels in the company of the two humans. As they head off together, the twins give each other knowing glances – could there be more going on here than we first thought?

Although the episode slows down slightly, the mystery surrounding the Priory continues to grow. What is going on up in the church? What is this Infinite Mirror? And what is Sala’s end-game? These questions are big enough to drive you through to find out what happens next as we hit the halfway mark of this anime.

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