Castlevania – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Trip To The Docks

Screaming breaks the tranquility in episode 2 of Castlevania as hundreds of undead beasts march through the streets at Isaac’s command. They stop outside a shop, prompting Isaac to head in and ask for a specific item that could help him find Hector. Although the trader doesn’t have what he’s looking for, he does have a Distant Mirror which is just as good, allowing him to see Hector’s location in Styria atop an icy castle.

Isaac leaves and finds himself surrounded by human guards. He tries to reason with them to no avail and instead unleashes the hungry creatures on the humans and lets them feast. It’s a bloody, brutal affair and one that sees Isaac nonchalantly ignore the carnage around him and head toward the port to find a boat.

Down on the docks, he speaks to a mysterious man named Captain (since he’s forgotten his real name long ago) and they shake in agreement as they sail for Genoa together.

Thanks to the Cartographer, Carmilla organises her vampiric sisters and suggests they turn their attention East rather than West, taking the territories for themselves. In order to police such long borders, she wants to use Hector’s abilities to create a brand new army for them. Given the ordeal Hector has been through though, it’s going to be a tricky thing to have him turn to their side. Instead, Lenore tasks it upon herself to get through to Hector.

Meanwhile in the forest, Alucard hears footsteps approaching, prompting him to find two people out looking for him. After stopping them in their tracks, he finds out they’re vampire hunters called Sumi and Taka. They’re looking specifically for a vampire called Cho who’s one of Dracula’s right hand women. Although she may be dead, they request his assistance in helping to hunt the other vampires out there. Not wanting to be alone anymore, Alucard agrees and leads them away to help.

Although episode 2 is a little slower this time around after establishing our characters and new issues facing them going forward, the foundations continue to strengthen for the fight ahead. Seeing Isaac start to hunt down Hector certainly adds another layer to this anime while Alucard’s character gets some much-needed humanity as he starts to soften and realize he needs human company to prevent him going completely mad.

The characters are ultimately what make this show so endearing and with Carmilla’s plan looming on the horizon, all eyes turn to the future as this anime starts to gear up toward the main conflict.

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