Castlevania – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

A New Beginning

Season 3 of Castlevania sees our characters begin a new chapter as the hordes of undead continue to thwart Belmont and the others. With plenty of unanswered questions last time out and Dracula now defeated, all eyes turn to Carmilla and her sisters as they begin to put their plan together.

In the tranquil forest, episode 1 of Castlevania begins with Alucard trying to adjust to his new life, plucking a fish out the water and picking berries while the castle looms in the background. Silently, he walks back to his house and eats, looking at the two dolls he’s made – one of Sypha and one of Belmont. It’s been a month or so since he went into isolation and clearly things are starting to take its toll on his mental health.

Sypha and Belmont meanwhile, find themselves in the presence of four beasts who try and ambush the duo on the road. Sypha is too powerful for them though, and after launching herself into the air, obliterates them with a blast of fire. Belmont meanwhile thwarts the minotaur and werewolf with his strength.

Carmilla returns home to her sisters, Striga and Lenore, after a long trek and berates the others for the hundreds of miles she had to walk, given her horses died some time back. The battered and bruised Hector is thrown in a cell too, ready for Carmilla to launch her scheme while she gets her strength back, thanks in part to a glass of virgin’s blood.

Sypha and Belmont make it to the town of Lindenfeld and are introduced to the township Judge. They’re also introduced to Prior Sala, who informs them Dracula is dead and demands to know who killed him. Suspecting Sypha, the Judge gets involved before things turn a little too heated and encourages these monks to leave. Something is not quite right about them and while Hector finds himself cold and shivering, thanks in part to one of the guards dumping a bucket of icy water on him, Belmont prepares to figure out what the town hides.

The gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetics from before return with the opening 5 minutes or so allowing the beauty of this world to seep in again. The backdrops are beautifully illustrated and next to the character models and charm oozing through this one, it’s easy to see why Castlevania is such a popular anime on Netflix. So far so good, the story gets off to a good start here and quite what will happen next remains to be seen.


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