Cash Out (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to Mason?

Plot Summary

John Travolta, Kristen Davis, and Lukas Haas star in this new heist thriller that is currently available to buy or rent online.

Travolta stars as Mason, a professional thief who works with his crew to carry out his various schemes. His latest gig is a bank robbery but what should be a simple operation turns into something far more complicated when he learns of a mysterious box owned by a crimelord named Abel Salazar.

Towards the end of the movie, there is a massive explosion in the bank. It’s assumed that Mason is killed in the blast, but as you might expect from a movie of this sort, there is a twist at the end of the film.

In this ending explained article for Cash Out, we briefly recap the plot and ask the question: What happens to Mason? 

How does Cash Out begin?

The film begins with Mason and his partner Amelia (Davis) arriving at a private plane exhibition. Mason and Amelia aren’t interested in the planes, however. They’re more interested in the luxury car collection owned by the organizer of the event.

Mason and Amelia get into one of the cars, under the pretense that they just want to experience the thrill of sitting in such a vehicle. But it’s all a ruse, of course. One of their colleagues, a clever hacker named Link, manages to infiltrate the garage’s security system, giving Mason and Amelia the chance to drive the car out of the facility. 

As the two swindlers make their escape, the other people on their team – Anton, Hector, and Shawn (Mason’s brother) take out the security guards before stealing cars for their own getaway.

Who is Amelia?

Amelia is Mason’s partner, in both a romantic and professional sense. But there’s a twist! While the two are probably in love with one another, it turns out that Amelia is an undercover FBI agent who has wheedled her way into Mason’s gang. She reveals this during a police chase, during which several cop cars and a helicopter pursue the car they have stolen.

On hearing this reveal, Mason decides it’s time for plan B. He drives the car into the river and makes his escape. Amelia, on the other hand, makes her way back to dry land with no idea where Mason has got to.

What is Mason’s next heist job?

Feeling bruised by his last job and the loss of his girlfriend, Mason retires to the island home he hoped to share with Amelia. He has left the heist game – or at least that’s what he thinks. But when his brother Shawn turns up with information about a cryptocurrency account that is being held in a bank vault, Mason, who was planning on retirement, decides to work with Shawn and the others on this latest heist. 

What happens in the bank?

The bank robbery goes ahead, with Mason and Shawn taking the bank manager captive and Anton and Hector holding everybody else (customers and bank staff) hostage.

Mason and Shawn make it to the vault and open up the box that is supposed to contain the crypto information. However, the box turns out to be a decoy and part of an FBI setup to catch the crew. 

The police and the FBI, headed by Amelia, turn up at the bank. Amelia is here to act as a mediator between Mason and the authorities. Mason is surprised by her arrival but he has bigger things to worry about when the bank manager tells him the building next to the bank has a place where their VIP customers keep their secret files.

One of these VIPs is a man named Abel Salazar who has a box containing some very dirty secrets. Mason decides he should grab this box for himself, even though the bank manager tells him Salazar isn’t a man to be messed with.

Meanwhile, a guy named Mr Flowers turns up outside the bank. Surprisingly, he’s not a florist! Rather, he’s one of Salazar’s men, who tells Amelia there’ll be hell to pay if his boss’s hard drive makes its way into the wrong hands. 

Does Mason get to Salazar’s box?

Outside the bank, the military turns up, headed by a man named Cyrus who is on Salazar’s payroll. He demands the hostages be released immediately and that Mason and his gang hand themselves into the authorities.

The hostages are released but Mason isn’t willing to hand himself in. After drilling his way through to the other building, he tells Hector, Anton, and Shawn to surrender while he and Link make their way to the secret box. 

Mason’s crew come out of the bank with their hands up. Meanwhile, members of the military and Mr Flowers head inside the bank to confront Mason. 

Mason tells Flowers to give the hostages and the members of his crew one million dollars each. If he fails to do so, he will blow up the bank using the explosives he has planted. 

Flowers agrees to the demand but Mason blows up the building anyway. Outside, Amelia thinks Mason and Link have been killed in the blast, along with those standing with them. But the film’s climax reveals a different story.

What happens to Mason?

Mason and Link survived the blast and presumably so too did Flowers and the military. Quite how they remained unscathed isn’t clear but regardless, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing no actors were hurt in this movie! 

The film then cuts to the future where Mason is enjoying his second chance at retirement back on the island. Shawn is with him too, having bought the house next door. The rest of Mason’s crew also managed to escape the bank when the explosion served as a distraction.

But what about Amelia? Well, she turns up on the island after quitting her job at the FBI. She’s still in love with her man, despite his criminal tendencies, and tracks him to his home after he sends her a card that clues her into his location.


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