Casey – How To Disappear | Album Review

Track Listing

Unique Lights 
I Was Happy When You Died 
For Katie 
Bite Through My Tongue 
Those That I’m Survived By 
St Peter 
Puncture Wounds To Heaven 
Space Between 
How To Disappear 


Welsh act Casey stuns here with an empowering album. Nothing falls flat or becomes obscure, as there’s clarity present in every song. Sadness does come in like a sweeping power, and it catches onto every fabric of How To Disappear. The record also has those commanding vocals and catchy instrumentals that we know and love from such a growing band.  

Blooming fantasies do not appear here though, as the band knows they’re falling at times, trying to grapple with love and hope. The album is a test really, a test of the band playing through the numbness. They pass the test and do so with conviction. From the opening song, the sombreness impacts, and it shows that the outfit is at the top of their game, even when the emotions overpower them.  

Casey has grown into a band that can take on the world. Their music has this intelligence too, a prowess which often can’t be matched. Yes, it can sound a little subtle at times, but then the act brings their A game with those pulsating choruses. 

‘Unique Lights’ begins the record with a subtle slant. The vocals come in slowly, and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. The band has offered a chorus of boundless energy and lyrics that tell tales of hurt.  

‘For Katie’ boasts brilliant instrumentals and the morose vocals imprint every angle of this song. Again, the band is trying to tell us about their troubles through songs of empowerment.   

‘Bite Through My Tongue’ is another standout track that shows the band’s attributes. The chorus is infectious, and the musical arrangements have been painstakingly worked upon.  

Casey has delivered a record that isn’t elegant, but one that offers stories and musical ingenuity.   

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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