Carnival Row – Season 2 Episode 7 “Kindred” Recap & Review

Beam of Hope

Episode 7 of Carnival Row season 2 titled ‘Kindred’ begins with Agreus and Imogen dancing at the celebration while Ezra watches from afar. Agreus acts tired and Imogen ropes in Kastor for a dance. While he is distracted, Agreus tells Ezra to follow him. Soon enough, Imogen pretends to puke and runs out as well.

However, the crew member who made the deal with the escape ship is not happy on seeing Ezra but Imogen tells him that they will double his pay. At that moment, Pact airships appear and start bombing Ragusa. As the rebels run to their posts, Kastor spies Agreus and his group. He deduces their plan and tells them they will not survive unless they fight off the Pact and guns are handed to each of them.

Back in the Burgue, Dombey and Berwick are on their way to drop Philo to the Row. They ask him for his help but he seems reluctant. A mob stops their carriage as they carry burning fae effigies and chant about burning down the Row.

Dombey stops the ruckus and tells Philo that he doesn’t want the Row to burn down. He brings up Philo saving his life during the Black Raven’s attack and says they should trust each other. Philo just looks away but there is a glint in his eye. 

As he reaches the Row, Darius spots him and asks about his stint in the Keep. Philo asks about Vignette and tells him to tell her that he picked the wrong side and is sorry. Darius asks him to tell Vignette himself, but Philo uses the same Gollum-like speech and says he needs to stay away as he has started seeing things more clearly. 

As for Vignette, she and Tourmaline go to Boz to buy passage out of the Burgue. He doesn’t seem too ready to help as she has a bounty on her head for escaping the Keep. He tries to double-cross her but she pulls a knife on him and runs out of there with Tourmaline. The two pix laugh as they wonder what to do next. They see a crowd outside and find out that the Pact has left Tirnanoc. Excited to return home, they hug.

While everyone celebrates, Philo gets drunk. Three supernaturals target him and he tells them to finish him. As they beat him, Darius comes and saves him. Philo rants about letting the bad humans free while he used to lock up faes just so he could pass off as human. Darius tells him that he was trying to help in his own way and calls Vignette and leaves.

Philo and Vignette break things off as she says Tourmaline needs her and they are going to Tirnanoc. He apologizes for never accepting his fae self and Vignette looks sad. Philo looks resigned but resumes his plan as he goes to Dombey and tells him that Millworthy will know something as he too saw the Sparas attack.

Millworthy is at Jonah’s funeral and he overhears the Ministers discussing the Pact’s losses at Ragusa. Having left Tirnanoc, the Burgue sees it as an opportunity. At that moment, Millworthy spots Philo and follows him. They pretend to talk about the Sparas while Philo tells him to find passage and send all the supernaturals to Tirnanoc.

Millworthy doesn’t think deportation is a good idea but Philo convinces him. He asks Philo to go too as his mother was from Tirnanoc but he refuses as he says he would not know how to live as a fae.

Philo goes to Vignette and Tourmaline and tells them about the passage and to take the Bas Dubh-infected fae with them. Vignette asks if he will be coming as he includes himself in the fae who are leaving. He corrects himself and says no. Tourmaline hugs him and thanks him for his help while Vignette just looks at him as he leaves. She tears up with Tourmaline telling her to go after Philo.

Tourmaline hangs out with Darius in the square while the rest of the Row celebrate their departure. He says he will miss her and that she is special. She asks him to come with her but he says he has ghosts in Tirnanoc. They hold hands while Philo watches them from a window alone.

The next day, Afissa and Vignette help the sick into a carriage as they prepare for Tirnanoc. They recall the first time they met and Afissa apologizes for the way she had behaved since she was told all her life to stay out of trouble. She thanks Vignette for her help and helps her get in disguise so the cops don’t spot her while they are boarding the ship.

Meanwhile, Tourmaline returns the recipe book to the Mima who is shocked that she is leaving. She says that maybe her sight lied but the Mima doesn’t look convinced which frustrates Tourmaline. 

Vignette sees Philo and runs to him. She asks him to come with her and knows that he organised the ship for her. Philo agrees and joins her but as they make their way to the harbour, the humans heckle and throw things at the crowd while the cops don’t do much to stop them. Berwick notices Philo and is shocked at his betrayal. He begs him to stay and help with the Sparas but Philo leaves. 

Suddenly the Black Raven appear and bomb the ships. There is chaos as the cops attack the Black Raven but the Sparas appears and starts killing the humans. Tourmaline assures Vignette that she won’t die yet as her death vision was different and Vignette looks for Philo. As for him, Philo watches Berwick being attacked by the Sparas but reaches too late. Vignette flies to him and tells him to move as he stands over Berwick’s body.

The Episode Review

Wait a minute, is Dombey turning into one of the good guys? But it just may be too late as Philo is pretty much playing them. But the story slows down once more as after the attack at the Keep, our gang takes its time to regroup. It does seem like the writers are preparing us for the end of the show with several goodbyes as we get final speeches, apologies and sad separations even though we still have some time left.

But which smart fae thought that bombing the ship to get the supernaturals out of the Row where they are hated was a good idea? Of course, we need a plot twist before everyone can get their happy ending, but this was the most frustrating one yet to come out of the writers’ room.

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