Carnival Row – Season 2 Episode 3 “The Martyr’s Hand” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Carnival Row season 2 titled ‘The Martyr’s Hand’ begins with Tourmaline looking at the heads of the Dahlia and her guard and then seeing their ghosts. As she gets frightened, she comes back to the real world and rushes away.

Meanwhile, Philo wants to investigate the deaths while Vignette thinks the police were responsible. She storms away as Berwick approaches Philo. Dombey joins them and goads Philo. He shows no remorse as he lies that the Black Raven tried to kill Jonah. Kaine sees Dombey and tries to kill him but Vignette stops him. She then takes down the heads and the Black Raven give them a sendoff. Philo sees Millworthy and warns him to stay away. But Millworthy convinces him to halt his Breakspear plan as he has a new strategy to open up the Row again. Major Vir meets with Millworthy who tells him that they can get the weapons as long as there is a divide between the fae and humans. Vir finds it suspicious but agrees to broker the deal for the Pact ambassador.

At that moment, Sophie enters the Row and tells the press that she has brought medicine and food for the sick despite the Black Raven’s attack.They take a photo of her with a dying fae baby and she looks conflicted.

Elsewhere, Tourmaline finds Philo and tells her about her visions. He realises she can help solve the murders.

He then meets with Boz and tries to get messages to and fro from Berwick but the thug refuses. He also adds that Darius is no longer welcome after Vignette’s group made trouble. Philo strikes a deal – Berwick’s message in exchange for a new place for Darius. 

In the Burgue, Millworthy is ordered to meet Jonah and he’s surrounded by guards. The Chancellor feels he is a traitor for attending the murdered faes’ funerals while Millworthy points out that he’s always been friends with the fae. Jonah asks if he knew about the Black Raven disturbing the banquet and he denies it. Jonah trusts him again and then tells him about Vir asking for weapons in some weeks’ time. However, the Ministers cause a ruckus and Sophie tells them that she and Jonah have agreed to let some of the fae work in the factory again for minimum wage. Minister Winetrout tells Jonah that Sophie owns the factories and would profit from this deal. Jonah says he will only listen if there is proof but he looks suspicious of Sophie.

Meanwhile, Ezra meets with Pembroke and Louisa who ask about Imogen. They say that there are rumours that Imogen eloped with the Puck on her free will and it was started by Agreus’ servant Fergus. 

As for the detective group, Berwick, Philo and Tourmaline visit churches till they find the one where Dahlia and her guard were killed. Berwick thinks a fae killed them since they were at such a height. Philo recalls that Haruspex magic comes from rituals and he guts a dead body to help Tourmaline see another vision of the murderer. She is disgusted but does the ritual and sees another vision of the humans killing the fae on the Row through the eyes of the murderer till it sees her. 

At the Black Raven, Vignette mocks Dahlia’s thieving missions and she tells them to fight back. She tells them about the Tirnanoc fae who were warriors and inspires them.

That night, Tourmaline finds herself at the Haruspex shop and hears a sound. She sees a chained Darius who says he will leave. She stops him and introduces herself. He is hesitant but she makes tea for the two of them.

As for Sophie, she tries to convince Nilly to leave with her family on the pretext of working in the factories. She tells her about the baby fae with Bas Dubh illness and tears up. Nilly slaps her and tells her to stop being weak. She recalls being whipped by Longerbane whenever Sophie made trouble. Nilly tells her not to lose sight of their original plan which is for Sophie to be chancellor and make all men like her father pay.

As for Ezra, he follows Fergus in the middle of the night. He says he understands Imogen’s love but she is his only family and wants to write to her. Fergus sympathizes and tells him that the New Dawn have captured her in Ragusa. Ezra confirms the news and then kills Fergus.

Philo, on the other hand, goes to the Black Raven and tells them about Dahlia’s murder on the church steeple. He says it wasn’t human but Vignette says she wants to go after Dombey for Oona. Philo tries to warn her for going against the police and she gives him a choice – to side with her or the police.

The Episode Review

While we thought Dahlia was bad, Vignette is worse. Dahlia was intent on making a stand but also making sure that the fae had a home. As for Vignette, since season 1 she has let emotions rule her actions and that may not what the Black Raven need to survive. However, this may be it for them due to their new nihilistic leader – they’ll either be free of the humans or be destroyed.

As for Sophie, looks like she has much much bigger plans than simply toying with the parliament. Now that we know of her real reason, her actions make more sense from being sympathetic for the fae to constantly manipulating Jonah since the beginning and indirectly getting his father killed. But as usual, power can corrupt, so we can only wait and see if we should root for her or not when or if she becomes chancellor.

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