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Back for a third season, Carmen Sandiego sneaks her way onto Netflix this month with five more episodes of espionage goodness. Combining the usual dose of educational content with striking visuals, Sandiego continues to be a mainstay on Netflix’s growing animation catalogue.

The story this time sees Carmen Sandiego on the hunt for her Mother. After teaming up with Shadowsan, VILE work extra hard to try and stop our heroine, sending out new recruits to VILE’s villainous ranks. Complicating matters further is Agent Chase Devineaux who returns to hunt down Carmen too.

With only five episodes to play with, this season is disappointingly short but packs a fair amount into this season to quell that somewhat. In keeping with the times, a lot of the material here is actually Halloween-themed which is a nice touch.

There’s particular emphasis on Mexico to begin with, honing in on the Day of the Dead, before shifting the focus across to Europe for the final two episodes. This allows for a slightly different colour palette to shine through as the season progresses, keeping things aesthetically interesting.

If you’ve made it this far then the usual expository chatter around country facts are here, backdropped by the familiar red computer screen and static images. This is easily the highlight of the entire show, making for an educationally stimulating experience that kids and adults can enjoy.

Ultimately though this season hones in on the theme of family. As Carmen goes on the search for her birth-mother, this topic comes up time and again as she learns that family can come in many forms. This helps to tie all five episodes together, although it would have been nice to get a bit more time with the various supporting players to reinforce this message.

Still, despite all that Carmen Sandiego continues to deliver the goods. The animation is top-notch, the continuing serialized story adds layers of intrigue and the ending leaves the door wide open for season 4.

Alongside The Dragon Prince, Carmen Sandiego is certainly one of the best animated offerings on Netflix and it proves that again with this brief but enjoyable third season.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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