Captivating The King – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Captivating the King begins with Hee Soo and an elderly nobleman playing a game of baduk. In a voiceover, we hear a man speak about the new entry restrictions at the palace. The First Senior Consort was caught having a shamanistic ritual to bear the King’s first son. The consort claimed that she had the king’s approval but she was exiled nonetheless. There is a rumour that Court Lady Dong is to be blamed for it. He only listens to Court Lady Dong.

When he is not busy looking after the state affairs, he heads out to play baduk with Prince Deokseong at Yeongchwijeong. The servants are forbidden from entering that place, hence there is not much information to share.

The person sending the updates is Chu Dal Ha, the same person who was accused of spying during the reign of the former king. Prince Deokseong’s palace hosts a feast on a regular basis so he was able to sneak in. Recently, the prince hired baduk players to come up new baduk moves to use when playing the King. The Three Hwans are also wary of the prince. The Three Hwans are the three ministers with the surname Hwan and are always spotted togethers.

Then we see Hee Soo sending a sketch of baduk moves to the prince via Master Choam. The prince is impressed and requests an audience with the badul player at the earliest. Hee Soo is delighted to pass but is also worried that she might have put Master Choam in harm’s way. He reassures her of his safety and se thanks him for his care and generosity, soon leaving.

Then we hear a man’s voiceover again. He informs Hee Soo that the Sixth Royal Secretary has been dismissed. This is the third incident within a year. King Lee In scolds his employee over the dead peach tree. It is the same tree which was planted by the former king in memory of Lee In when he was held captive by the Qing.

Hee Soo, disguised as a man, soon makes her way to the capital along with a few maids. At night, King Lee In is playing with Prince Deokseong when he receives the news that the new Qing emperor is chosen. Prince Rui gave his throne to his nephew. The prince comments that it is the natural order for the son to take the throne after his father instead of the brother. He realizes his folly and promptly apologises.

Chu Dal Ha intercepts Hee Soo and takes her to Prince Deokseong’s house. He died the previous night and there is suspicion that he was murdered. Dal Ha and Hee Soo have a tiff over their next course of action, but Dal Ha gives in to Hee Soo’s plan eventually. The two head for a meal.

Next, we see the Lee In having a meal when the Principal Director of the Privy Council, the Great Lord and the Minister of War aka the Three Hwans seek his audience. Lee In commands the Minister of War to answer. They seek to dismiss Lee Myung Ha. The reason is that he did not take action when Qing’s wanted trespassers ran away. He did not agree for an extradition either. A similar incident had occurred earlier but there was lack of evidence then. The Three Hwans urge the king to punish Lee Myung Ha before the Qing envoy arrives to the capital.

Myung Ha stands at his post remembering the day his father was slain by Lee In. His servant is worried about his summoning by the king. He asks Myung Ha to abscond but Myung Ha visits the capital. At the palace, everyone whispers negatively against Myung Ha. His friend asks him to keep hope that his meeting with Lee In will be fine.

At the court, Lee Myung Ha is dismissed as the Executive Assistant in Uiju and is appointed as the Sixth Royal Secretary. The court members are shocked. Lee In commands Myung Ha to revive the peach tree in the Royal Garden. His failure would result in a dismissal and a punishment.

Lee In proceeds to announce his wish to build a gidaeryeong. It is a post where the appointed person would come to play baduk with Lee In. This when he announces his decision to accept applications from baduk players, regardless of their social standing. Lee In leaves the court and heads to his chambers. His uncle follows after.

His uncle says that he could have arranged for baduk players to which Lee In says that it was a warning to not let any contacts near him. Lee In says that he know Prince Deokseong was working under the uncle’s orders. The uncle asks the reason for Lee Myung Ha’s new appointment. Lee In says it is his choice to make the appointments and the court’s job to make Qing accept the decisions made by him. The uncle then proceeds to meet Lee Myung Ha by the peach tree, warning Myung Ha to not do anything wrong against the King’s generosity.

Lee In’s grandmother is displeased by his latest proposition. She and the uncle make a plan. The uncle asks one of the officials to quietly remove Lee Myung Ha, but the officials declines going against the royal command. The uncle suggests a delay in giving the appointment letter. After he leaves, the uncle tells the Minister of War to do the needful.

At night, Lee In sits alone in his chambers playing baduk. The scene then shifts to Hee Soo’s residence. She, her maid and Dal Ha discuss the matter of her applying for gidaeryeong. Shortly after, Hee Soo and several others take the baduk exam. The officials presiding over it talk among themselves. One of them is surprised to see Hee Soo, who is disguised as Kang Mong Woo. He remembers Mong Woo as the baduk player from three years ago. He tells Mong Woo that he has won so he is entitled to his winnings.

Their game three years ago was just around the time the former king passed away and the spy incident had flared up. Mong Woo promises to complete the deal of giving his baduk stones and table once he becomes a gidaeryeong. Later, the officials discuss the baduk players. Each finds out they have supported some of the baduk players. Their secrets are out. Lee Myung Ha realizes who Kang Mong Woo is.

One of the three Hwans visits a shady gambling den. Everyone there is betting on the baduk players. He meets Hyung Bo and is worried about the Special Firearms Unit coming after him. Hyung Bo assures him that he has handled the matter. He assures Hyung Bo that he will call him back to the royal court soon. Just then, Hee Soo’s former servant comes up and places a bet on Kang Mong Woo. Kang Mong Woo is still a mystery to many, and Hwan grows curious. Later, the servant brings Hee Soo up to speed about the chatter on the street. Dal Ha informs her about Myung Ha’s appointment. Hee Soo is concerned.

The scene goes back to the day when Hee Soo was saved. The servants discuss Hee Soo joining the palace as Kang Mong Woo. The same night, Court Lady Dong reads out the selected baduk players’ names to Lee In. He is surprised to hear Kang Mong Woo’s name. He dismisses her but she suspects something is amiss. Lee In wonders if it is the same Kang Mong Woo.

The next day, Myung Ha meets Mong Woo and confirms his suspicioun. The next round of baduk games begin and Mong Woo is unable to go to the next round because of shortage of players. Lee In arrives at the testing ground and confirms Mong Woo’s identity. He asks Myung Ha to play against Mong Woo since Myung Ha has not received his appointment letter and is thus not a public official yet.

The games begin and Lee In is closely watching Kang Woo. He analyses their game after they are done. Hee Soo counters his analysis. Lee In is anything but impressed by her brazen words. He challenges her to become a gideryeong. Then he goes to the Queen Majesty’s chambers. They discuss the baduk games. The games continue and Mong Woo successfully wins. He is led to the king’s chambers.

Mong Woo shares condolences on the Prince and Lee In’s former mentor’s demise. Lee In asks why Mong Woo came back, angry at his return and suspecting Mong Woo has an intention of murdering him. The episode ends with Lee In’s angry lashing at Mong Woo.

The Episode Review

Well, finally Lee In and Kang Mong Woo meet! There are lot of unsaid and unspoken things between them. There are feelings of anger, hurt and betrayal as well. Mong Woo aka Hee Soo is dead set on getting her revenge. She used to respect and admire Lee In before he was crowned but how the tables have turned now! The drama ran slow like the previous episodes did. It would be good to see it pick up speed in the forth coming episodes!

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