Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Hornet’s Nest

Episode 10 of Captain Fall shows Agent Steel getting ready to board Caribbean Queen covertly in order to expose the criminal organization. The singles night on the cruise is currently going on without a hitch. Liza is even referred to as Jonathan’s girlfriend in public. She, on the other hand, is disappointed because she misses the chance to have sex with a total stranger.

Soon after, Steel sneaks onto the ship while the singles party is going on. He uncovers evidence of a few of the syndicate’s illegal activities. Photographs of lifeless gorillas and tigers are taken by him. He hides from the chloroform as well as the gaze of passing crew members while suited up as Sherlock Holmes to observe firsthand the staff’s illegal activities as women are systematically traded for a Sheikh’s harem.

He also discovers pictures and signature proof of Captain Fall which links him to every single syndicate criminal activity. Steel is caught in a very clear trap. In keeping with Mr. Tyrant’s desires, he believes Jonathan serves as the mastermind. For this reason, Mr. Tyrant had asked the crew to store every signature and image associated with every crime involving Jonathan.

Fall is the only one who notices Steel’s attempt to get away. But being the simpleton that he is, he assumes that Steel is a member of the cruise’s single people. Thereafter, Fall strongly objects to everything when Steel suspects him of every single one of the wrongdoing because he is unable to comprehend anything at all.

Following that, Liza spots Steel and hastily gathers the group there. Steel, however, dives into the water before they arrive. But before that, Steel goes on to tell Fall that he will make sure he is imprisoned.

The Episode Review

With Steel condemning Fall and taking a leap into the sea, the season comes to a dramatic end. Steel wouldn’t have been able to get away from Liza and the rest of them. However, it appears as though he managed to get away owing to the gullible and oblivious Captain Fall, who doesn’t question anything.

Fall views the rest of the staff as his family and Liza to be his partner. And it also appears that he has won over Liza and Pedro to some extent. She is not as bitter and hasty to murder Jonathan compared to before, as evidenced by her trip to Jonathan’s parents’ home. This makes more sense considering his admission to her that his true family consists of Liza and all of his shipmates.

The tone of the episode is consistent with that of the previous ones. It is quite intriguing and enjoyable. Interestingly, Agent Steel is the primary focus of this episode with season 1 ending on a cliffhanger. It will be intriguing to see if Liza and Pedro defend Captain Fall if the show is extended for another season, or if he goes to jail like the previous Captain.

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