Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Family Reunion

Episode 9 of Captain Fall begins with the start of the cruise’s vacation. Liza agrees to go to Jonathan’s house with him, saying she needs to run an errand close to his hometown.

She follows him back to his house and soon realizes what a horrible family he has. Despite the fact that he insists Liza is his girlfriend, both of his parents treat him as if he is unfit to have a girlfriend. Having said that, Jonathan is being treated much better than how we saw him being treated at the beginning of the series. They treat him well because he happens to be the captain of a luxurious cruise ship.

For the very first time in his entire existence, Jonathan is taken on a getaway by his parents. However, we quickly understand that they only act in this manner in order to use his position to have their Naval Association membership renewed. Tanner makes attempts to get close to Liza while Jonathan is spending time with his parents. He then receives his due when she captures him and threatens to kill him.

Later that night, Jonathan admits that when compared to his actual family, Liza and the remainder of the team are more like family to him. She is upset by his revelation because she feels terrible about how he is being used as a pawn by her and the group.

That same night, Liza gets a call from the crew while Jonathan is sound asleep. When she goes outside to speak to them, Tanner just so happens to overhear her phone conversation with Pedro, which is packed with information about the entire criminal enterprise. Jonathan awakens shortly after that. She mentions that they need to leave to get to the cruise immediately and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode stands out among the rest as the best one so far. When Liza gets to meet Jonathan’s family, she realizes how terrible they are to him. The fact that he refers to her and the entire crew as his family actually makes her feel uncomfortable because up until this point, she has only been plotting against him. This episode really makes the subject matter vulnerable, genuine, and intimate, making the overall episode compelling.

Being the penultimate episode, the episode does a fantastic job of laying the groundwork for the last episode of the season. Tanner, as we can see, overhears Liza talking to the crew about the criminal activity. It will be interesting to see if he intervenes to save his brother or if he just keeps acting like the terrible brother he is.

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