Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Sweet Sixteen

In episode 8 of Captain Fall, the daughter of a Russian oligarch turns sixteen. The affluent man offers her doctors who can perform lip filler and breast enlargement surgeries as gifts and the young woman is overjoyed. We quickly discover that Liza has to distract Jonathan throughout the birthday celebration in order to give the wealthy man a secret bag.

To get Jonathan onboard, she opens a different suitcase that contains a ring. She goes on to tell him that they will be giving the young girl the ring as a gift. Mr. Tyrant is seen getting in touch with the crew to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. He continues by threatening to throw them into his shark-filled pool if they make a mistake. In light of this, the crew is utterly terrified and does everything they can to keep things under control.

During the birthday party, Jonathan naively assists Liza and Pedro in their endeavor to hand over a nuclear weapon to the Russian oligarch who at present is determined to stage a world crisis. However, Liza and Jonathan receive the wrong suitcase from a crew member. This mishap causes the entire process to be delayed, upsetting the wealthy man. But thanks to Liza’s much-needed damage control, he ultimately receives the actual suitcase.

The crew member who caused the delay is thrown into the shark-filled pool by Mr. Tyrant during the final moments of the episode. The sharks don’t hurt the man, though. In order to set an example for the other crew members of what happens if they mess up, Mr. Tyrant ultimately decides to shoot the crew member himself.

The Episode Review

The episode provides information about yet another illegal activity the ship is involved in. As the show progresses, the criminal activities of the cruise grow increasingly disturbing. Additionally, this episode shows us a terrifying side to Mr. Tyrant. We learn precisely why everyone on the crew, except the oblivious Jonathan, fears him so much.

As the episode comes to an end, Mr. Tyrant kills one of the crew members for being unfruitful. It will be interesting to see how events unfold moving forward.

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