Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Cultural Exchange

Episode 7 of Captain Fall begins with a discussion between a man and his wife. We learn that he is about to give a presentation on the ship to close a deal. His wife warns him that he is not good at public speaking. He decides to take a chance and give it a shot.

The action shifts to the Caribbean Queen, which happens to be hosting an exchange between an African warlord who is afraid of speaking in front of crowds and a potential Chinese client who requires strong soldiers. As his wife suspected, the warlord is unable to sound convincing during the presentation, and the Chinese client is unimpressed.

Later that day, Jonathan invites the African warlord and the Chinese client to join him for drinks. After getting extremely drunk, the Chinese client gets on board with the African warlord’s proposal.

A womanizer friend of the withdrawn Agent Steel drives him to an intimate dating event for singles. Steel, who recently got divorced, hesitantly visits. It’s a flop but he does discover a connection related to the animal paw case — Mr. Tyrant’s ship resembles the cruise depicted in a flyer. Additionally, Steel is familiar with Liza and Pedro because they were present when the previous captain was taken into custody by Steel’s squad.

Steel had a nagging suspicion that the crew of the ship was also involved. Upon seeing the flyer, he is persuaded that the vessel is yet again engaged in some unlawful activity. Additionally, he notices the picture of Captain Jonathan Fall printed on the flyer, standing between Liza and Pedro. He comes to the quick conclusion that Fall resembles a snake’s head.

The Episode Review

The episode primarily focuses on two major events: the cultural exchange and the confirmation of Agent Steel’s suspicions. The former sheds light on yet another illegal business operated by the Caribbean Queen. The latter, on the other hand, represents the show’s falling action.

Given that Agent Steels’ suspicions have now been confirmed, he will go after Caribbean Queen with everything he has. This is especially true now that he has nothing to lose. He’s lost his job and his wife, and exposing the criminal organization appears to be the only way for him to gain back what he’s lost.

The episode concludes with Agent Steel devising a strategy to bring down Caribbean Queen. It’ll be interesting to see the way things develop moving forward.

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