Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Face Off

Episode 6 of Captain Fall begins with Jonathan fantasizing about having sex with Liza. When he wakes up, he realizes he peed in his sleep. He then goes outside to find the laundry room. Many employees are working on illegal businesses such as cutting the claws of dead animals to supply when Jonathan arrives at the laundry room. Liza spots him about to walk into a room like that and hits him with a tranquillizer.

Jonathan remembers the illegal business when he wakes up. He is, however, convinced that he was only dreaming about it. Furthermore, his doctor convinces him that his blackouts are normal.

Despite his colleague’s hesitation, Agent Steel is committed to locating the source of the illegal Viagra. He appears to find the supplier and keeps track of this using the tiger paw symbol. His happiness, however, is fleeting because this turns out to be an inaccurate lead. He finds a zoo during his raid on the criminal enterprise. Additionally, as a consequence of the raid, feral creatures leave the zoo.

Agent Steel is blamed for the chimpanzees’ and tigers’ rampage through the city, ripping off people’s faces and harming them. As a consequence, he ends up losing his spouse, his job, and every ounce of respect he has ever received.

The Episode Review

The episode primarily focuses on Agent Steel, giving him an additional push to find the criminal organization. In addition, this episode introduces us to another illegal venture of the Caribbean Queen.

The episode isn’t quite as humorous as the previous ones. The foundation for Agent Steel’s character arc, however, is laid in this episode, giving him a compelling reason to pursue the Caribbean Queen.

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