Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Je Suis Tanner

Episode 5 of Captain Fall begins with a group of friends wearing chains with an albino person’s fingers on it. When a stranger confronts them about it, one of the guys puts the chain on him, claiming it’s for good luck. Meanwhile, an astronaut in space drops a screwdriver. Coincidentally, the screwdriver falls on the man who removed the finger chain, killing him as a consequence.

The criminal organization behind the albino finger chain, Caribbean Queen, is then introduced to us. Mr. Tyrant is seen convincing Liza to participate in the criminal activity. Her morality interferes, but Mr. Tyrant assures her that it is for the greater good. The focus then shifts to Captain Fall’s brother Tanner. We watch as he makes sexual innuendos in the workplace and even harasses female coworkers.

One day, the women come together to confront him about it. Following that, he assures them that he will improve. However, while they are in the sauna, he flashes his penis. One of the women photographs him in the act. As a consequence, he is fired from his job. Tanner then contacts Captain Fall and begs him for a job. Captain Fall manages to deny his request even though it is extremely difficult for him to do so given his agreeable demeanor.

The following day, Liza informs him that they have decided to invite a group of albino folks on the cruise for charitable purposes. He is puzzled but agrees to make a video inviting them per Liza’s request. A clip of an albino couple watching the invitation video is shown. The husband is ecstatic to go on the cruise, as is his wife. The albino community is then seen travelling to board the ship.

Meanwhile, Liza tells Captain Fall that the albino community didn’t show up. Captain Fall is devastated because they had made preparations for their arrival. Soon after, she is seen accepting money from a man, who is presumably paying her for albino fingers.

The Episode Review

The episode reveals yet another of the Caribbean Queen’s criminal activities. We learn about the cruise’s albino finger business, which takes advantage of people’s superstitions. The episode is both unsettling and absolutely hilarious. The show’s approach to personalizing each activity by introducing us to the consumer is truly brilliant.

Liza accepts money from a man in exchange for albino fingers as the episode concludes. It’ll be interesting to see what the show explores next.

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