Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Human Zoo

In episode 3 of Captain Fall, we are introduced to an odd couple. She is furious with her partner because he always buys her affordable gifts. The man then rectifies the situation by informing her that this time he has bought her an unaffordable gift. His partner is overjoyed, and they then have sex.

We receive details concerning the gift shortly after that. Liza and Pedro hand over a shipment of Amazonian tribespeople to the outrageously wealthy tycoon. He purchases them for the latest display in his human zoo. When Jonathan accidentally spreads the flu to the natives, things spiral out of control. This ultimately results in the human zoo’s prisoners escaping.

Following that, two Norwegian explorers are brought to light. They are part of the previously escaped inmates. We see them rashly argue against seeking safety in another town nearby when given the opportunity. However, soon after, they are devoured by lions as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode is amusing and entertaining. We observe horrific crimes being committed without Jonathan noticing them right in front of him. It is filled with incredibly bizarre events that happen one after another, which adds a touch of humor to the intriguing plot.

The episode provides more information about the illegal business operated from the ship. It will be intriguing to see the way things develop in the upcoming episodes.

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