Captain Fall – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

An Unconventional Cruise Line

In episode 1 of Captain Fall, Herman Tucker, the captain of the luxurious cruise vessel Pacific Pearl, is taken into custody by agents. He is accused of smuggling illegal goods, trafficking people, slaying endangered animals, and having illegal weapons.

We quickly realize that the whole cruise crew was an integral component of an even bigger crime circle, of which Captain Tucker is merely a pawn. When he is found dead inside the correctional facility, Special Agent Steel grows suspicious. Nevertheless, his superior and coworkers dismiss his concerns about a covert plan that might be at work because they are thrilled over the issue being settled quickly.

Jonathan Fall, a relatively uninteresting guy, is introduced to us. To put it mildly, his intellectual capacity is below average. Having said that, he comes off as a decent guy. However, his ignorance borders on being bizarre, to the extent that he interrupts his parents’ private moment one day and even starts a conversation.

He also has a poor academic record. To make matters worse, his lecherous, arrogant, but successful older brother Tanner frequently bullies him. Their parents, treat Jonathan like a family outcast and do not offer him any kind of affection or comfort.

The Falls are proud of their history of long-standing ties to the Navy. Jonathan’s previously disadvantaged standing within the family gets worse because he finishes last among applicants in the Naval Academy. He decides to take the chance nonetheless, enrols in a Naval organization, and is offered a mediocre position of managing vessels inside a theme park.

Mr. Tyrant, the leader of the group responsible for the Pacific Pearl crime circle, decides to carry on with his business by renaming the cruise Caribbean Queen. Following that, he instructs the cruise crew to select a captain who is as gullible as possible. Finding a qualified applicant is left up to the two top staff members of the vessel, Liza Barell and Pedro, who manage all unlawful activities on behalf of Mr. Tyrant.

Pedro and Liza stumble upon the firm where Jonathan had signed up for himself. She extends an offer on the management’s behalf to Jonathan because she is aware that he meets all of their requirements for the position. However, in order to conceal her activities, she first burns the recruitment firm to ashes and murders every employee there. As soon as Jonathan accepts the job at the Caribbean Queen and departs, his circumstances drastically change.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Captain Fall does an impressive job of laying the groundwork for the coming plot. Additionally, the protagonist’s character arc has been defined quite nicely. The animated Netflix show creates a sense of curiosity around the illegal activity taking place on the cruise.

Jonathan accepts the job that is offered to him and leaves his home as the premiere comes to a close. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the upcoming episodes.


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