Capitani – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

No Rest For The Eyes

Episode 4 of Capitani begins right on the back of Tanja returning to the village. Quite where she’s been and what happened to her remains a mystery but as Capitani heads out for his morning run, lots of questions still remain.

These questions swarm around town like locusts, eating away at insecurities and secrets as the various townsfolk continue to whisper.

Tanja messages Lea, asking for help, before heading downstairs to talk to speak to Capitani and Ley. Mick and Nadine are both present, as the officers try to work out where Tanja has been. Apparently, she went to the city with Lea from school. They were originally scheduled to go the cinema but they lost track of time.

Lea took the last bus home while Tanja met someone and spent the night at his house. With her phone out of battery and no charger with her, Capitani interjects and asks for the address and name of the boy she was staying with. She feigns ignorance – or so it seems – and claims that she doesn’t know. Mick flies off the handle, heading to the construction site, while the officers give her some space to try and remember.

After a cagey chat with the Mayor, Capitani and Ley attend the meeting for the three municipalities to go over the case. Mick immediately berates the Mayor, claiming it’s his moral responsibility to sort this case out. With rumours running rampant about Jenny potentially being a victim of sexual abuse, Capitani berates Mores for opening his mouth and starting this hostility. In fact, Mick suddenly tells them all he’s going to put his name forward to be the new Mayor.

On the back of this meeting, Capitani takes Mores away from the squabbling politicians and back on the road again, this time up to the military base. Capitani wants to meet the sergeant, and as we cut across to him getting dressed, a button is missing from his sleeve. Could this be the same button found in the woods?

The Episode Review

Capitani returns for another relatively brief chapter, this time seeing the consequences of Mores getting involved in the rumours around town. With Mick taking advantage of the chaos and putting his name forward to be the Mayor, there’s a lot of hidden agendas abound with these residents.

The autopsy report should come in soon to give us more clues over what happened to Jenny, but how does the military base tie into this? We’ve already seen a missing sleeve button so it could be likely that one of the soldiers has something to do with this. Right now though, that’s still an unknown.

In the meantime, Capitani continues to build its web of intrigue, with lots of deceit, lies and secrets being kept in this village. Will Capitani manage to decipher all this and find what really happened? We shall see…

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