Capitani – Season 1 Episode 12 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

It Happened One Beautiful Summer’s Day

Episode 12 of Capitani begins on day 8 of our investigation. Capitani checks out of the hotel, as he learns Carla has left a note for him after skipping town. As Capitani talks to the receptionist, she mentions Mick’s numerous affairs and how he can easily manipulate and deceive people. In return, Capitani breaks the truth about Carla adopting an alias.

At the police station, Mick awaits sentencing after murdering Jerry. Elsewhere, Jim packs up Manon’s things as they look set to leave the hospital. Before they do though, Capitani arrives and learns that her “Belgian friend” was actually Mick all this time, who of course was having an affair with her.

She protected him, out of dumb love, and confirms that he was there the night Tanja was killed. Apparently there was an hour unaccounted for, where he came back from his trip in the woods looking distant and lost in his own thoughts.

Mick’s involvement is a major development in the case, mostly because Manon confirms he was actually the ringleader in all this. He used to organize soirees twice a year to expand his lumber business. While Capitani leaves momentarily to think this over, Manon quickly texts him and gives Mick the heads up that she’s told the police everything.

Mick receives the text message and decides to confess up, as Capitani too receives awful news. Ley has made it but lost her baby in the process. Steve is there to comfort her though, immediately receiving a hostile welcome when Capitani locks eyes with the soldier.

Ley starts to stir, claiming that Frank told her everything. And suddenly, just like that, Steve holds a scalpel up to the nurse’s throat. When Ley starts to fade and her monitor screams repeatedly, he lets her go to tend to the girl.

Steve is eventually questioned over his involvement, as Capitani finally wrings out the truth. Jenny had started to hang around with the soldiers but Jerry had a crush on her. Given his past, this is hardly surprising. Steve tried to prevent Jenny from showing up but by then, she was too involved with them to listen.

She showed up at the cabin unannounced in the dark, right in the midst of this soiree with Mick’s rich guests. Jenny rushed away and ran into Tanja in the woods. Tanja showed off her new tattoo as the girls wound up fighting over the drugs. Jenny eventually pushed Tanja over the edge. On the ground, she snapped up all of Jenny’s belongings and decided to switch places with her, killing her old identity and adopting Tanja’s as her own.

The soldiers head up to investigate and found Tanja’s body on the ground, believing it to be Jenny’s. Steve convinced Mick to move his daughter’s body away from Cloister House to make it seem like she fell off a different cliff.

With the truth finally revealed, Capitani decides to keep Jenny’s secret, allowing her to repent, while being arrested by Diane. With Mick already in custody for his part to play in all this, Capitani decides to leave things be, as he’s taken away in a police car with his fate unknown at this point.

The Episode Review

The finale to Capitani finally puts all the puzzle pieces together, leaving a pretty competent and satisfying conclusion to this crime drama. There’s a lot to like with this slow burn psychological thriller, and Capitani does an excellent job building things up to this final episode and reveal.

The truth about Tanja and Jenny does make a lot more sense now, and learning that Usch was there that night confirms why he’s been rambling all those random sentences during this time. The final reveal is a good one, with enough in the way of red herrings and half truths to keep things suitably mysterious until the very end.

With the prospect of a second season on the horizon, Capitani leaves the door open for a follow-up. Based on this showing, Capitani definitely deserves that.

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7 thoughts on “Capitani – Season 1 Episode 12 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. I just watched the end and I’m confused. She was raped and the end never showed that. Mick was in the Cloister, naked and having sec, but all of a sudden he comes over and moves his daughter ????????

  2. Jen I have the same question as you who sexually abused Tanja? I think that Usch’s DNA was checked and came back it was not his sperm on Tanja. So I think a bad bit of plot writing and a very loose end. Note you have not had answer so I think no one knows.

  3. Ley did not “go downhill” – she pulled her cable out that was keeping her alive. She did this to help Capitani arrest her boyfriend.

  4. Wenn die echte Jenny Freundin vom Jerry war, wieso haben die dann Jerrys Sperma an der Leiche von Tanja gefunden? Der Rollenwechsel ist doch erst nach dem Tod von Tanja passiert und nicht vorher. Die echte Tanja hatte doch nie was mit dem Jerry.

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