Capitani – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

My Breast Full of Darkest Night

Time is running out for our soldiers, as episode 11 of Capitani begins with Frank spotting Ley arriving at Cloister House. The gunshot we heard before was actually Frank’s sidearm, which Ley wrestled out of his hands. This sound predictably sends Capitani rushing through the forest, as Rommes lowers his scope when he hears the sound too.

With Frank held up at gunpoint by Ley, Jerry arrives with his machine gun. Ley suddenly admits that Tanja was the one to die and Jenny is still alive, as she shows up in the forest at that exact moment. Jerry hesitates for a split second before making his move. Frank is shot dead. Ley is shot in the stomach and Jerry grabs his girl and drags Jenny into the cabin.

Capitani arrives just in time, tending to his colleague, as Steve arrives and looks over his fiancé. Mick brandishes his shotgun, as reinforcements hurry to their location. Well, Mick refuses to wait that long, charging into the cabin and taking matters into his own hands. After several gunshots sound, Mick leaves with Tanja over his shoulder.

Paramedic race to the scene, as Capitani grabs Steve and takes him into the cabin. There, we see a blood spattered Jerry lying dead on the sofa. Steve is taken down the station for questioning too.

Steve’s statement confirms that Jerry was involved in an illicit relationship with Jenny, and things went sour when she tried to break things off with him. This is what started the whole endeavour but it’s not initially clear right now how all the pieces slot together for the events of that night.

Back in the village, Mick shows up with Tanja, hugging Usch and telling him he’s sorry. He addresses all the villagers, claiming the soldiers were responsible and that he’s saved Jenny from them. Usch doesn’t seem convinced though, especially with the way he’s stammering, but for now this story holds up.

Capitani arrives back and speaks to Jean-Paul. Ley has lost a lot of blood and he’s worried for her wellbeing. However, he goes on to mention how Usch and Mick were inseparable as kids, as we see him stacking rocks. That rock cairn from before? Yep, it turns out it is significant after all. Capitani pieces together what’s really happening here, and hurries back to the station.

There, Diane shows up with items from Carla’s apartment. While they haven’t been able to find the firearm, they have found crucial clues in the form of a wristband with the unicorn insignia. After filling her in on the case, and receiving a few incredulous remarks about Usch’s involvement, Capitani is told to show up at the station at 8am for his statement in the Carla case. If he doesn’t do that, things could turn nasty pretty quickly.

Back home, Mick sits with Tanja who admits that she was there that evening and saw everything that happened.

Before we learn the truth though, we cut across to Capitani who finds Carla’s place completely ransacked. When we jump back to Mick again, he looks distraught. Well, that’s the least of his problems when police arrive to arrest him. He’s bundled into the back of the car as Capitani watches him leave. As he does, Capitani thoughtfully repeats what Usch has been mumbling all season long. Is this the vital clue needed to unravel this case?

The Episode Review

I knew those rock cairns were an important clue! It’s not initially clear how Usch and Mick play into the larger story involving the drugs and the soldiers but one thing’s for sure – we’re getting closer to the truth now. It seems like there are two parallel stories going on and the show has done a good job keeping us at arm’s length for the majority of these 12 episodes and keeping what really happened that night a secret.

There’s a lot going on here, and the dramatic start to this episode sets things up for a big finale to follow. Hopefully we’ll get a clearer picture of exactly how all these puzzle pieces slot together, as Capitani leaves lots of unresolved questions ready for this final episode.

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