Capitani – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review


I Know Nothing of Pain and Tears

Episode 10 of Capitani begins with the investigation reaching day 7. Our investigator is awoken by Diane checking out the suspect list, all strung up on the board with lots of string and clues. After 10 episodes of slow burn drama, Luc Capitani spells out what’s happening here… so naturally we’ll do the same!

The drugs were shipped in from this strange, unknown supplier simply known as the “Unicorn Network.” Frank, Jerry and Steve were all in on this together. The drug shipments were then distributed to Manon, among other dealers, and in turn to the school.

Capitani heads up to see Mick, keeping up the pretense that Jenny is the one who died, not Tanja. He also divulges exactly how too. Midway through talking, Mick mentions how Usch hangs out in the forest and seems to hint that he could be involved.

For now, Capitani heads back to the station and gently mentions to Ley how Steve could be involved. Realizing that Ley has already come to this conclusion, and knowing he can trust her, he then drops the bombshell reveal about Jenny and Tanja.

It turns out there was no assault that night. Tanja had a new boyfriend and they slept together. No one seems to know what happened to Jenny during those 2 days though, which remains a big question mark here. The details surrounding Tanja’s death is still unknown at this point too. Were the soldiers responsible? Well, when Steve shows up to see Mick, it seems that the two are working together, as he reveals the location of his army brothers, who happen to be hiding out at Cloister House.

Capitani catches up with Carla. She shows him some nasty scars across her back – a result of what happened with Da Costa – and Capitani hugs her warmly. On the back of this, Capitani heads to the hospital where he questions Manon. She eventually confirms that the soldiers used to deal alongside an extra client they called “The Belgian.” If you’ll recall, we’ve heard this name come up a few times.

While Capitani learns more about the operation, Ley learns where the trio of soldiers are thanks to Tanja. Instead of waiting for back-up though, she hurries out to Cloister House.

Diane shows her hand, approaching Carla and asking who’s involved. She immediately claims Luc is responsible, deciding to cover her own back. As Diane leaves, she phones her contacts and asks for a warrant, as Capitani’s past starts to come back to haunt him.

Carla immediately rings Capitani, suggesting they leave together and get out of town. Realizing that she could have the firearm, Capitani is unfortunately interrupted by an urgent call about Ley out in the woods alone.

All of our characters converge at this location, where Ley finds herself caught up at gunpoint by Frank. With a hunter’s rifle in hand, Pierre Rommes happens to be hiding in the distance with his scope. A gunshot pierces through the air, as we’re left with big question marks over who’s been shot and also who fired the bullet.

The Episode Review

As we reach the end of this first season, Capitani leaves the door open with a big cliffhanger. Throughout the episode we’ve received a fair amount of details about the past case and what’s happening in the present too, as all eyes now turn to these soldiers.

There’s lots of question marks around Jenny and Tanja’s story though, namely what happened that fateful night. Hopefully we’ll receive some answers soon though. For now, we’ve got two more episodes to wrap everything up or face the dreaded Netflix cliffhanger!

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