Cape Crush – San Souci | Album Review

Track Listing

Avec Souci
San Souci
Sandwich Wars
Sunny & Boone
Mother’s Day
Del Water Gap


This is an emphatic sound from the emo band Cape Crush, a sound which hangs onto melody and melancholic lyricism. The act courageously pushes for their music to be heard here. While their bones tire and their minds play tricks, the themes all connect to where they are mentally. Hope becomes a disaster, and the whole world is leaning heavily on the shoulders of these musicians, even when a glint of light tries to glimmer through.

The music is finely tuned and the guitar moments increase the likability that this record exudes. From the start to the conclusion, the band does not lose control of their measure or musical ability, as they’re supremely talented in an unconventional way. Not everything is polished either, which is good, and there’s no pretension, just honest folk playing and thinking together.

The EP is called San Souci, and it delivers poppy notes with emo and rock sensibilities. ‘Avec Souci’ opens the record of war cries and technical guitar notes, pushing the band to the forefront of melancholy. The lyrics convey hopelessness.

‘Sunny And Boone’ is an acoustic song delivered with flair and soft vocals. It describes sunny days spent drinking and regretting, aborting the goodness of a normal life. The guitar sound progresses and elevates the track.

‘Del Water Gap’ is a sad song to close things out with, and it is lyrically evocative. The story becomes a striking anecdote, and the sound lifts the mood, eventually adding a pulsating aura.

Cape Crush is a band that knows how to play sad songs for fragile minds, and at times they even have the power to aid the disenchanted.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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