Camp Trash – The Long Way, The Slow Way | Album Review

Track List

Mind Yr Own
Weird Florida
Another Harsh Toyotathon
Enough Explaining
Poured Out
Lake Erie Boys
Let It Ride
Church Bell
Feeling Something


Camp Trash epitomizes 90s punk sensibilities and they don’t hold back on their album The Long Way, The Slow Way. And every sinew of their energy and grace has gone into this record, and when the songs drop, it’s apparent that the band has a passion to go far.

Their songs describe the bustle of American culture, the area where they reside and monotony. Although this is the case, the band does have some upbeat songs amidst the melancholy, which commit to the unrelenting energy.

Punk has changed over the years, becoming a mainstream phenomenon, and losing its DIY ethic. But Camp Trash try to patch together the punk cannon with their majestic songs, and they propel while doing so, giving punk that needed push. Not only that, the band also instill pop punk elements into their sound, increasing the diversity, and giving their fans a plethora of well-rounded songs.

The Long Way, The Slow Way opens with ‘Mind Yr Own’. The vocals embed well here, and the punk guitar sound enforces a battle-hard attitude. ‘Weird Florida’ starts without elegance, but we don’t expect that from a punk band on high alert. Lyrically, pessimism shows its negative spin.

‘Soft’ starts acoustically, describing a relationship on the edge and the wordplay is decisive. The song then rises and the chorus batters in. By contrast, ‘Feel Something’ hits all the boxes in terms of raucous punk rock, emerging as the most compelling song on the record as it delivers lyrics conveying a slip into inspiration.

Camp Trash has delivered a compelling EP here. Their songs not only have that punk sound, but they also engage with impactful wordplay.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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