Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Cannot Start A Journey Without a Map

Episode 4 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel and Mukoda eating dinner. They discuss how Fel defeats low and high-ranked monsters with his claws and magic. Mukoda wishes he could use magic, and Fel confirms he can. Mukoda checks his stats and learns he has some mana.

Fel tells Mukoda if he wants to use fire or wind magic, he has to spell it out. Mukoda fails miserably to cast a fireball, so Fel allows Mukoda to feel the magic circulation in his body to assist with Mukoda. Although Mukoda can cast a fireball: it plummets to the ground. Fel says Mukoda should try attacking an enemy for better practice and forces Mukoda to combat some goblins. Fel startles them to force Mukoda to fight. He promises to handle any high-ranking goblins and leaves Mukoda. Although Mukoda struggles and flees at first, he manages to deal slight damage to the goblins. He passes out and lets Fel handle the goblins.

At night, Fel and Mukoda bicker about the goblins and Mukoda’s fireballs. Mukoda checks his stats after Fel tells him he’s leveled up. Mukoda’s happy to see that his stats increased and that he’s learned a new attack spell. Fel rewards Mukoda with a dead goblin king’s body. He says the goblin king had a magic stone with him that Mukoda can keep. Fel reveals he can detect monsters with magic stones on them due to his high level. Fel orders Mukoda to make him a meal, but Mukoda realizes that his lack of mana has made him tiresome. So, he opens Online Grocery to order some pastries and melon bread for Fel and him to eat–to avoid cooking.

Fel’s unsure about the sweets but eventually concedes and enjoys them. He asks Mukoda for more, but he warns him that eating too many sweets can cause Fel sickness. Fel says his devotion to the Wind Goddess, Ninrir, helps him stay afloat. He argues Ninrir protects him from poison, diseases, and any irregularities. Fel says he was born with wind powers, but Ninrir helps him use his abilities better. Fel and Mukoda stumble upon a city and cause a scene due to Fel’s spooky demeanor. Mukoda works things out with the guards by handing him his guild card. The guard warns Mukoda not to hurt anyone or steal. Otherwise, he’ll be in huge trouble.

Mukoda drops Fel off at Elmera Inn, so he can locate a shop that sells maps. Mukoda finds a magic introduction book in a shop and brings it to the counter. The cashier tells him it’s an expensive item since it’s made of paper, a valuable resource in this world. After failing to acquire a map, Mukoda returns to Fel. He makes him some grilled bird and pork cutlet. Fel enjoys it. In the morning, Mukoda stumbles upon a tavern and enters it. He meets some experienced adventurers and buys them some drinks to establish a bond with them. He says he’d like them to exchange insight about countries as a form of repayment.

Mukoda states that he came from the Kingdom of Reijseger. The adventurers’ say it’s been a terrible place to reside in because of the current king’s wishes. Its king won’t stop pursuing territorial expansion and waging war with other locations. One of them argues the Kingdoms of Erman and Leonhardt are better and have lots of dungeons. Mukoda brings up his map issues, and one of the adventurers is willing to give him a map for one gold coin. The adventurers leave. As soon as they depart, other travelers laugh at Mukoda. He could’ve bought a similar map somewhere else for one silver coin. Fel and Mukoda plan to head east.

The episode concludes with a blue slime creature spying on the two when they’re eating.

The Episode Review

It looks like Mukoda finally has some tricks up his sleeve. While Fel will need to watch Mukoda’s back against higher-ranked monsters, it’s rewarding to see Mukoda defend himself against weaker ones. Although it’s stupendous for Mukoda to develop attacks of his own, I hope we can see him struggle to work toward future ones. The episode alludes to Mukoda’s interest in learning wind magic and meeting Ninrir.

In that case, it’d feel rewarding to see Mukoda challenge himself to learn spells on equal footing to Fel’s. It’d give his character a goal to work for in this world, making the plot feel much grander than it is currently. On the other hand, I can see many fans getting excited about the slime creature’s debut. The slime creature can add some interesting dynamics to our group, which had been lost to us when Mukoda departed ways with Werner and his crew.

Overall, Campfire Cooking in Another World with Absurd Skill delivers another fun chapter. It sets viewers up for some exciting adventures ahead for Fel and Mukoda. From the sea serpents to the introduction of our slime companion, I’m ecstatic to see our heroes traverse this area of this world. It could lead to some amazing fights and growth for them both. Let’s hope the series can get a bit more serious when that time comes, though.

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