Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 3 Recap & Review

My Super Power Is All About Cooking

Episode 3 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel getting fed up with Mukoda because he’s choosing his herb-gathering mission over making him food.

During his mission, Fel places a protective barrier over Mukoda since he’s going hunting for some meat. Fel departs, and Mukoda starts plucking weeds. Mukoda finishes his mission early and prepares dinner for him and Fel. Fel returns with a dead Rockbird. Fel wants Mukoda to make him the teriyaki platter like last time, but Mukoda crafts up some spaghetti for them to eat. Fel adores the meal, while Mukoda’s grateful that he can eat meals from the human world.

After eating, Fel leads Mukoda to his stack of dead monster meat, and Mukoda uses his RPG skills to store them in a safe place. Mukoda and Fel return to the adventurer’s guild to hand in the herbs for the mission. The adventurer guild cashier is surprised that he brought more than he expected. Mukoda asks her where he can sell some dead monsters, and the lady points him toward the guild butcher. The butcher and Mukoda head to a secret location, and the butcher’s bewildered by all the beasts’ corpses.

The butcher skins the orc meat upon Fel’s request. At night, Mukoda ponders what to do with the orc meat. Mukoda makes two versions of pork piccata with the orc meat and adds some meat sauce they had left over with the spaghetti dish. Fel loves the food. Despite his hesitation about eating orc, Mukoda chomps away and winds up loving it. They return to the butcher, who has completed the skinning process of all the beasts Mukoda brought in.

He hands Mukoda his change for the monster parts and says he took some cash away to pay for the dismantle fee. Mukoda earned 202 gold coins for the monsters he sold. The butcher lectures Mukoda on monster parts and what attributes they can grant him. He hands Mukoda some demonic stones and says they contain magical powers. Mukoda plans to refer to Fel as a Great Wolf to people to avoid having them stare at them.

The two leave the border to continue exploring. Midway through their outing, they set up camp. Mukoda plans to make a larger feast for them since Fel helped him secure a lot of money. Mukoda makes his meals from his universe, and Fel’s satisfied with the taste. After chatting about their differing world customs, they finish eating. Fel feels his dish today has given him immense strength. He might be capable of defeating an Ancient Dragon now.

Fel plans to hunt for more monsters and places a powerful protective barrier on Mukoda while he’s away. He promises this one’s capable of defending him against a Dragon’s Breath. Mukoda builds himself a futon to rest for the night. Meanwhile, Fel goes on a killing spree and is impressed by his enhanced feats. In the morning, Mukoda’s surprised by the high-level monster Fel murdered. Fel informs him that some of these monsters would’ve taken a long time to beat, but his food helped him defeat them in one hit. The episode concludes with Mukoda vowing not to feed Fel anything like that ever again.

The Episode Review

In this week’s episode of Campfire Cooking from Another World with Absurd Skill (Campfire Cooking), we finally see Fel in action. Many viewers may have wondered what his abilities looked like after being told how strong Fenrir is in this fantasy world. Although Fel’s fights with the orcs, deer, and chimera– weren’t as elongated as I’d like, it was great seeing him unleash his powers for once.

On that note, it appears Fel has excellent defensive spells since he can create barriers to protect people like Mukoda. Considering the slice-of-life episodes we’ve received so far, it’s a nice change of pace to witness more incredible action scenes in this anime. The anime builds upon Fel and Mukoda’s relationship gradually, which is fantastic.

It was pleasant seeing them share insight into how their worlds differ. Doing so, makes Fel’s world stand out from other Isekai-themed shows. Overall, this was a fun chapter of Campfire Cooking. It gives viewers more intel about the world Mukoda’s found himself in and strengthens his relationship with Fel well. It appears Mukoda will receive powers of his own, based on the next episode’s preview. This anime looks promising, and I look forward to seeing what else it delivers.

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