Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Salient Villager Is A Living Legend

Episode 2 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Mukoda granting the Fenrir creature the name Fel. In the morning, Werner and company continue traveling to the border, but they’re afraid of what the commoners will say when they see Fel. The problem is that Fenrirs have laid waste to countries before.

Werner tells Mukoda that the guards won’t take kindly to Mukoda’s newfound contract with Fel. Fel promises Mukoda that he’ll protect him from danger. The gang decides to camp out somewhere to dine on more of Mukoda’s food. Luckily, he stored some Red Boar meat somewhere. Fel asks Mukoda to cook him that meat, but Mukoda tells him to hunt for meat in the woods. Fel complies and brings back a dead Rockbird’s corpse. Werner and his comrades state that it’s a strong beast with beaks and claws that can fetch a high price.

Mukoda asks the others to help him carve the Rockbird’s parts. Then, he coats and cooks the meat. When complete, he hands the food to the others and makes Fel some food. After eating, the gang heads to the Kingdom of Veenen’s border and arrives there. They get stopped by the kingdom’s gatekeepers, who refuse to let them in because of Fel. Fel persuades the gatekeepers that he won’t cause them any harm as long as they don’t harm his comrades. It appears Fel can communicate with other humans besides Mukoda.

The guard lets them through but asks Mukoda to keep Fel under control. After obtaining their guild cards, the gang enters the Kingdom of Veenen. Mukoda tells Werner he’d like to travel to multiple places because deep down, he wants to explore this universe and make profits with Online Grocery. Werner says Mukoda should consider joining a Merchant or Adventurer’s guild since it’ll aid him on his quest. Ultimately, they state that he should wait to make a decision until they reach the town.

Marquess Rindel’s servant approaches Mukoda and tells him that Marquess wants him to visit his residence. Although his servant tries egging him on to meet the Marquess, Fel steps in and scares him away. Fel tells Werner and the others that no one, besides a dragon, can match him in strength. He says this to calm Mukoda down in case he’s worried about going against the Marquess’s wishes. Werner and his gang give Mukoda a contract to sign to prove they’ve completed their mission.

Mukoda and Fel share their goodbyes–as Mukoda plans to register at the adventurer and merchant’s guild. He tells Fel they can make money by having him hunt for food and selling the prey’s parts for cash. Mukoda and Fel enter the merchant’s guild, where they receive a breakdown of how it works. Guilds have five levels based on annual taxes and fees. He tells her he’d like to open up a store or stall, and she gives him an iron rank guild card. He promises to revisit this place to sell some goods.

Mukoda and Fel head near the Inn so that Mukoda can cook Fel some food. Fel enjoys each of Mukoda’s dishes. Each is coated with different sauce toppings. Mukoda makes a meal for himself and enjoys it. In the morning, he revisits the merchant’s guild to sell some items. The lady checks it and tells him to meet with her guild master. The guild master tells him that the salt and pepper he tried selling is something the King of Veenen would want to get his hands on, delighting Mukoda.

He asks Mukoda where he got these from, and Mukoda tells him he found them during his journey, which is a lie. The guild master makes him several offers that aren’t to Mukoda’s liking because of how much it cost him via Online Grocery. He settles on the master’s 17 gold coin offer, though. Mukoda visits the adventurer’s guild next to register, and the counter lady hands him a contract nonchalantly. The woman tells him he’ll start off as a G-rank adventurer and can only tackle G and F-rank missions.

He asks for more info, and she tells him adventurers are ranked from G to S. G-rank missions must be completed in one month, and the guild isn’t responsible for the adventurer’s death, injury, or loss incurred during a mission. Mukoda visits the quest board and accepts a herb-collecting mission. Before he embarks to complete the mission, Mukoda feeds Fel some more food.

Mukoda checks Fel’s stats and is impressed by how high they are. The episode concludes with a Werner and his crew eating together in a forest, promising to meet Fel and Mukoda again someday.

The Episode Review

This was another pleasant episode of Campfire Cooking In Another World with Absurd Skill. It’s unfortunate to see Werner and his comrades go, though. It felt like they’d stick around with Mukoda based on the meals he made for them. However, it’s great that they at least pointed him in the right direction concerning the adventurer and merchant guilds.

Our characters seem to have arrived at the Kingdom of Veenen’s border too quickly and easily. It would’ve been great to see our cast encounter more monsters or problems along the way. While it wouldn’t have been an issue considering Fel’s around, it would’ve made the journey to get there feel more tense and rewarding. On that note, it’s strange to see Fel have an established bond toward Mukoda despite knowing him for a single day.

Many viewers may find it strange that we didn’t get to see them form a bond over time. For Fel and Mukoda to already have an established connection with each other is refreshing. However, it may hurt the show in the long run regarding proper character development. Maybe the series can introduce other characters that can fill the void, but it’s slightly disappointing that we can’t witness Fel and Mukoda develop a natural bond.

Overall, this episode had some beautiful visuals and animation. I salivated at the sight of Mukoda’s dishes. From the sizzling sounds to the remarkable presentation, many viewers will likely agree that this will bring them immense pleasure. The RPG terminology also helps to immerse viewers in the world, making it feel like a pleasant fantasy setting. Hopefully, the next few episodes can add more depth to our cast, though.

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