Call It Love – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Lots of Sad Music, Not Much Plot  

Episode 7 of Call It Love starts with a short recap of the moment in the story in the grocery store when Woo-ju told Dong-jin about her house being taken away. After that moment, we see that Dong-jin actually went to the house. His mother warmly invites him in but he asks her about the house. She insists it’s hers and gets frustrated when he asks about the people who lived there before her and for their contact details. She accuses him of not being curious when the money was going to go to him. He says that’s why he’s being punished now.

He then went to the real estate agent and asked for the truth, which he got. She even tells him that the second of the three siblings keeps visiting the area. He leaves his number and tells her to ask the daughter to call him.

At present, the agent calls him and tells him the girl will be visiting soon. Dong-jin rushes over as Woo-ju keeps shouting at Hee-ja. Dong-jin arrives and the agent directs him to the house. Meanwhile, Woo-ju begins to throw eggs at the house when a policeman catches her. Dong-jin reaches the house but she’s gone by then.

At the police station, Woo-ju’s aunt helps her out. Woo-ju is determined to go back but her aunt convinces her not to. She then gives her Dong-jin’s card and tells her that he wanted to apologise to the three of them. He even plans to persuade his mother to give the house back.

Dong-jin waits outside the house for a bit but to no avail. He sees his mother looking out of the house but leaves without meeting her. Back in the office, he inquires about Woo-ju’s absence but she hasn’t informed anyone.

CEO Shin and Cha Young-min discuss about how things at their company aren’t going well. Shin inquires about Woo-ju, asking if she’s still working there. Shin also keeps calling Min-young, who ignores his calls.

Jun calls Woo-ju but she doesn’t answer. A woman enters his pharmacy, it’s his mother. They go to a cafe where she tells him she’s registered him on a dating app. He tries using Woo-ju as an excuse but it doesn’t work. He then ends up using Hae-sung’s identity as his fake girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Hae-sung is having a beer with Su-ho and some friends. The friends ask him what he likes about Hae-sung. He says he liked her because she’s not a very serious person. He then commends her for not being shallow or easy but pretending to be that way to make people comfortable. Jun sees the pair kissing outside his house and has to take another route home.

Woo-ju waits by Dong-jin’s apartment building. She meets Min-young and confronts her, chiding her for living in the same building. She threatens to turn up every day until she moves out. Min-young stands her ground. She asks Woo-ju if she drinks and tells her to follow if she does.

Dong-jin is alone in the office. A flashback shows that Yuri told him Woo-ju asked to use her leave for her absence. He thinks about calling Woo-ju but doesn’t. Sun-woo sees Min-young and Woo-ju walking together to a restaurant.

Dong-jin goes home to find Ji-gu has prepared dinner. A flashback takes us back to when Ji-gu saw him walking by and Dong-jin took him home. At present, Ji-gu insists that making dinner is the least he can do for being allowed to stay here. Dong-jin thanks him for giving him a reason to come home.

Min-young and Woo-ju sit at a bar. They bet on a game of darts. If Woo-ju scores higher, Min-young will ask Dong-jin and if he says so, she’ll move out. Woo-ju agrees to use her left hand because she’s right-handed and did archery in school. Her dart goes straight to the centre.

Dong-jin and Ji-gu sit and chat, watching the video of a campfire on Dong-jin’s laptop. Ji-gu says he was inspired to become a singer because of his father. He describes how people would crowd around to hear him sing and play the guitar. He asks Dong-jin about camping. He says camping was what he got to do with an adult for the first time and he ended up really enjoying that day.

Flashbacks show a young Dong-jin with Uncle Dae-hong. He calls Dae-hong and apologises for not calling enough. Dae-hong says he knows things are hard. Dong-jin says he’ll come camping soon.

Woo-ju carries a drunk Min-young to her doorstep. When Min-young isn’t able to give her the door password, she sits down and opens a can of beer.

The next morning, Jun makes a comment about Hae-sung kissing Su-ho. He flatters her and Hae-sung realises he needs a favour. He tells her about giving her name to his mom. She tells him to just go on the blind dates but he rants about how he doesn’t want to get married. She makes him do the dishes and then tells him that Woo-ju didn’t come home the previous night so she must be dating someone.

Meanwhile, Woo-ju wakes up in Min-young’s house. Dong-jin leaves his to find cans of beer in the space between his and Min-young’s door. Woo-ju watches him clean the cans through Min-young’s security camera. Dong-jin throws them out and heads back to get something he forgot. He sees Woo-ju in the elevator but doesn’t seem surprised. Outside, he asks her where she slept. She confesses she was drunk and slept at Min-young’s place.

They eat at a restaurant. Min-young wakes up to find her house has been cleaned up by Woo-ju. Woo-ju admits to Dong-jin that she got angry that he was living out of a motel while Min-young was alright. She just wanted him to live comfortably. He smiles a little at her explanation. She then asks him when the company will be stable as she has something to say and will tell him then.

Jun waits outside her workplace and sees Woo-ju walking with Dong-jin. She tells Jun it’s not what he thinks. He gets angry but she stops him from taking it out on Dong-jin. He leaves in frustration.

Hee-ja’s boyfriend searches through the house looking for something. She comes out of the shower and he pretends he was looking for a watch. Later, he asks her where she kept the will of her late husband. She says it’s somewhere no one will find it.

At Dae-hong’s camping site, we see photographs of Dong-jin and his family.

At work, the core team plans for their upcoming event. Woo-ju gives them a document and then leaves for home. Dong-jin’s eyes seem trained on her and Sun-woo notices.

Woo-ju goes to the pharmacy but doesn’t enter. She drinks at a bar and Jun soon joins her. They don’t speak.

Sun-woo asks Dong-jin about his feelings for Woo-ju but he denies it.

Dong-jin stops by a fruit shop and asks Ji-gu if he wants fruit. Ji-gu asks him to get bananas. While looking for a razor, Ji-gu finds a photograph of a young Dong-jin with Hee-ja and Dae-hong. He finds Hee-ja’s face very familiar. Dong-jin comes home and meets Min-young in the elevator. She tells him she’s moving but he tells her she can stay if she wants. He simply doesn’t care what she does.

Woo-ju tells Jun she’s going to end everything. Jun reveals he called her mother and told her. She exclaims and asks him what she did so wrong that he had to call her mother. She says she just wants Dong-jin to be a little less lonely. She asks Jun what this feeling is and then sits down when the realisation dawns on her.

The Episode Review

The reveal about Dong-jin trying to help Woo-ju from the very beginning was a good one. It’s a great twist to the story, renders Woo-ju actions pointless and makes her rethink everything. It’s an intriguing turn that keeps the story fresh and engaging… except this clever plot point is made redundant by literally everything else.

This episode is slow – painfully slow. The unnecessary flashbacks still persist and apart from the initial reveal, nothing really happens. Even the incident between Woo-ju and Min-young is awkward and unrealistic. Why would Woo-ju just follow Min-young to a bar and play darts with her?

This series is hardly even entertaining anymore and the only thing I’m really enjoying is the music, which is great for the niche of people who need slow, melancholy music to vibe to. The thought of all the episodes to go just makes everything worse.

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