Call It Love K-Drama – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Secrets Come Out

Woo-ju stands outside the karaoke bar, looking dejected, as episode 13 of Call It Love begins. Jun joins her and asks if she needs consolation. Inside, Hae-sung tells Dong-jin how they didn’t spend too much time together as a family but they do so now whenever one of them is feeling low.

Today, it’s for their mother. She goes on to tell him he makes a good fit with their family. Woo-ju and Jun come back into the karaoke room.

The whole group heads out. Dong-jin takes his leave. Hyun-ju invites him for dinner the next day but he’s busy. He promises her to visit again.

At Dong-jin’s apartment, his mother finds boxes of food in his fridge and helps herself.

On the way home, Dong-jin realises he never gave Woo-ju her handbag, which she had left behind. He calls her to let her know and she says she’ll go see him. Jun makes a comment. Hae-sung notices something from Jun’s tone and asks if something is wrong with Dong-jin.

When Woo-ju meets Dong-jin, he seems to want to bring up the issue of her quitting work but she tells him not to worry. He admits he used the bag as an excuse to see her again.

Hae-sung keeps trying to find out the reason for Jun’s disliking of Dong-jin. He tells her he can’t say anything.

Woo-ju comes home and gets a call from Jun, saying that Hae-sung is insisting on meeting her. Hae-sung thinks about all the things Woo-ju’s said and assumes Dong-jin is married. She slaps Woo-ju and rants at Woo-ju, who is unable to speak up. Jun says he isn’t married and reveals that he’s Hee-ja’s son. Hae-sung is shocked and leaves even after Woo-ju apologises and starts crying.

Jun goes after Hae-sung and tries to explain things. He admits he was always going to keep it a secret because he always felt bad for Woo-ju and all the struggles she went through. Hae-sung isn’t convinced but Ji-gu finds his mother making a list of food to make for Dong-jin.

Hee-ja asks Dong-jin about the woman he’s seeing but he avoids the question. When he says that he’s going on a business trip, she tells him that she’ll leave soon as well. He visits Min-young and they talk about little things. He really went to see her to apologise for his mother’s behaviour. She apologises in turn for her mother sending him the wedding invitation. He asks her to let him pay her back and she agrees.

At work, Woo-ju asks Hae-sung to give her two days to end everything.  Hae-sung tells her to do it today itself.

Discussions about the fair continue at work. Ms Baek takes a lunch break with Woo-ju and Yuri as a send off for Woo-ju. When Yuri realises Woo-ju’s quitting, Yuri is taken by surprise. Woo-ju tells Ms Baek how she admires her. Afterwards, Dong-jin sees some tension between Sun-woo and Woo-ju.

Hyun-ju gives Ji-gu two bags full of food for Dong-jin. He goes to his apartment building and meets his mother coming out of the elevator. Neither recognises the other as they engage in formalities. His mother takes a taxi back to her house and a black car follows her.

The man in the car sees Hee-ja showing the house to some buyers. He then calls Nam-il and tells him the house is sold. Nam-il then listens to a recording of a phone call with Hee-ja, where she complains about her husband not leaving anything to her in his will. He sends the recording to Hee-ja.

Hae-sung opens up about her illness to her co-worker and wonders why it’s so difficult to tell her family. Her co-worker says that’s because family members tend to worry more. But she encourages her to tell them anyway.

Woo-ju and the others at work gather all the things needed for the fair and pack them into cars. Dong-jin asks Sun-woo if something happened between him and Woo-ju. He shrugs it off and says nothing happened and then leaves to join the others.

Dong-jin stands by Woo-ju’s cubicle thoughtfully when she comes back. He tells her he’ll be back at the office by 7 and asks her to wait until then.

Hyun-ju is surprised to see Hae-sung come home early. She gives Hyun-ju a glass of water and Hyun-ju realises she has something to say.

Ji-gu goes to Jun’s pharmacy and asks him to give him some medicine. Turns out, it’s for Hae-sung.

At home, Hae-sung tells Hyun-ju about her anxiety that started after her divorce. She then admits she hit Woo-ju the day before and wanted it to hurt. She seems upset for Woo-ju, who didn’t even flinch when she hit her. She tells her mother who Dong-jin is, the truth. Ji-gu, who has just arrived, freaks out on hearing the news particularly because he just met Hee-ja at Dong-jin’s apartment. Hyun-ju tells them both to keep quiet and Hae-sung gives her the medicine.

Jun calls Woo-ju and tells her that Hae-sung is home. He adds that she shouldn’t hate her. Woo-ju says she won’t. Woo-ju packs up her stuff from her desk and leaves.

At his business trip, Dong-jin speaks to the man from the exhibition staff. To Dong-jin’s surprise, Sun-woo turns up. He has something to tell Dong-jin. About Woo-ju.

Later, Dong-jin thinks about what Sun-woo told him. About how Woo-ju helped Cha Young-min and egged him on to ruin the company. He even mentioned that Woo-ju admitted it to him.

Jun sits next to Hae-sung  outside the house. She says she understands his loyalty towards Woo-ju but it hurts her, so she’s decided to stop liking him.

Ji-gu tries calling Woo-ju but her phone is off. Hyun-ju tells him to call Dong-jin and find out.

Dong-jin comes back to the office to see her desk cleared out. He can’t find her at any of their usual spots.

Woo-ju sits on the floor. Sun-woo had texted her saying that Dong-jin knows everything. She finally gives him a call. He asks her where she is but she tells him he should ask her about what Sun-woo said. She says she’s a selfish and evil person but he claims otherwise, he says she hasn’t lied about anything major and they are still okay.

Ultimately, Dong-jin finds her outside her old house. She tells him the house used to be hers, for 20 years. She confesses to wanting revenge and payback and then finding out she made a mistake, and as such she apologizes to him.

After a few seconds, he asks why she didn’t tell him sooner. He begins to talk about giving the house back but she interrupts him. He should be mad at her and angry about being deceived but when she asks why he’s looking at her like that, he says it’s because she couldn’t complete taking her revenge on him.

He’s not angry, just sad. She tears up and apologises and he steps forward and wraps her in a hug.

The Episode Review

The secret is out! This episode was all about Woo-ju’s secret coming out and all the key characters finding out, one by one. It was slow, but not as sluggish as the other episodes in this series. It was interesting to see each person’s reaction, and as a result the emotional beats were on point this episode.

Throughout, there are moments of anxiety that I felt on behalf of Woo-ju. The feeling of a building storm is definitely apparent, which is why I was expecting Woo-ju’s confession to Dong-jin to be a bit more dramatic but I guess this gentle conversation is more their style.

What’s even more heartwarming though is Dong-jin’s reaction. It’s not naïve, but straightforward and empathizing. It fits in perfectly and this last stretch of the show is definitely more compelling than the earlier episodes. Looking forward to how the story moves along!

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