Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Live and Go Set Your Feet on that Ground

Butareba episode 9 opens with Mister Pig, Jess, Blaise, Naut and the wolf making their way to the royal capital. Yethma hunters attack the group as they travel. Fortunately, Jess remains hidden. However, the Yethma hunters spot Blaise.

As a consequence, tensions escalate between the group and the Yethma hunters. The group is clearly outnumbered by the Yethma hunters after an extended stretch of back and forth between the two groups. Nevertheless, Naut, Mister Pig, and the wolf endure in their courageous battle.

A Yethma hunter kills Blaise after a fierce fight. Things take a turn for the worse when the Yethma hunters find Jess.

Naut now orders Mister Pig to run away with Jess. In the meanwhile, Naut and the wolf valiantly fight the Yethma hunters, preventing them from pursuing and harming Jess.

The Episode Review

In episode 9, it is evident that the group needs to get to the royal capital right away for Blaise’s sake, as Mister Pig has learned that her body is in a serious condition. Yethma hunters, the very thing they’ve been dreading the entire time, show up as they race ahead of them on the road.

They are severely outnumbered and in a very precarious position. They need to use their intellect to overcome these obstacles and discover an escape out of the trap.

The plot, in comparison to previous episodes, has improved significantly. Having said that, this episode’s animation is really awful. The fight sequences were also so poorly executed that they seemed bizarre.

In terms of animation, we’re hoping the anime improves. In terms of storyline, this episode is a huge step up from the previous ones.

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