Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Secret Relationships

Episode 9 of Business Proposal begins with Seong-hoon greeting Yu-jeong in Tae-moo’s place. He tells her President Kang can’t date her, as he has plans to marry someone else.

Yu-jeong keeps contacting Seong-hoon after their encounter. He tells her he has a girlfriend, but she still pesters him to date her instead. She even confides in Young-seo that she is dating someone.

Yu-jeong’s mother overhears them. She misunderstands her daughter’s meaning and tells Chairman Kang that Tae-moo and Yu-jeong are dating. She now wants to plot with the chairman to get their children married.

Ha-ri and Tae-moo start dating, but they have a difficult time keeping their relationship a secret from Ha-ri’s co-workers.

Min-woo apologizes to Ha-ri for overstepping his boundaries, and Ha-ri forgives him. She tells him she is now actually seeing Tae-moo. This obviously discourages Min-woo, who later has lunch with Yoo-ra. When she brings up marriage, he admits that he isn’t ready.

Yu-jeong shows up at Seong-hoon’s place drunk, begging him to reciprocate her feelings. He takes her in and tries to hide her when Young-seo shows up to cook him a meal. He says Tae-moo is there, so he’ll have to get rid of him before Young-seo can come in.

Ha-ri and Tae-moo go on a date disguised as a company dinner. Both admit that they hate keeping their relationship a secret, but Ha-ri insists that they remain discreet. 

At work, Yu-jeong vents to Young-seo about how it’s over with the guy she has been seeing. Young-seo encourages her to be persistent with him.

So, Yu-jeong shows up at GOFood to apologize to Seong-hoon. But Chairman Kang overhears their conversation and finds out that Tae-moo never went on that blind date. He asks Tae-moo who he has actually been seeing, but his own stomach pain interrupts him.

Meanwhile, Ha-ri’s co-workers Mr. Gye and Ms.Yeo fight about Mr. Gye’s taking their relationship public. Ha-ri follows them into the men’s bathroom to try to calm them down.

When Tae-moo leads Chairman Kang to the same restroom, the chairman becomes angry with Ha-ri for always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After this incident, Ha-ri types a letter of apology to Chairman Kang.

That night, Tae-moo takes Ha-ri’s food production development team out to dinner. Everyone is uncomfortable at first, but they all loosen up when Tae-moo agrees to have bomb shots with them.

Yu-jeong rants to Young-seo again about how she’s ruined her chances with her “boyfriend.”  To comfort her, Young-seo brings Yu-jeong to her dinner with Seong-hoon and his mother.

Yu-jeong makes a scene when she finds out that Young-seo is dating Seong-hoon. With the entire situation revealed, Young-seo feels betrayed that Seong-hoon would keep so many secrets from her, and that he would go on the blind date for Tae-moo in the first place.

She says of his allegiance to Tae-moo: “Are you their family’s servant?” This unsettles Seong-hoon, and he freezes momentarily.

At the team dinner, Tae-moo holds Ha-ri’s hand under the table. When Ms. Kim ducks under the table, she sees this and tells everyone. They all blame this accusation on her drunken state. She continues to swear she saw them holding hands as Mr. Gye and Ms. Yeo carry her home.

As Ha-ri and Tae-moo are left alone, Chairman Kang drives by and sees them together. The episode ends with him getting out of the car and demanding that they tell him what’s going on.

The Episode Review

Between the Gye/Yeo and Ha-ri/Tae-moo secret drama, this episode boasts a lot of wildly laughable incidents. Business Proposal peaks comically when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It does so here, brazenly encouraging viewers to laugh at several inane situations.

A step too far in the nonsensical direction, however, is the contrived drama with Yu-jeong, a character who has barely been featured before now. Then again, her subplot keeps with the show’s trend of throwing its hands in the air whenever it comes to developing Young-seo’s and Seong-hoon’s relationship.

But this instalment does redeem itself slightly by taking time to reveal the sweet side of Ha-ri’s and Tae-moo’s budding relationship. Of course, with Chairman Kang’s growing dislike of Ha-ri, his intimidating presence may threaten their connection even when it’s stronger than ever.

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  1. Seoung-hoon and Tae-moo appear to have a deep loyalty to each other, yet at other times, Seoung-hoon is taken for granted as no more than a loyal employee. I’d like to know the backstory between them that causes this unusually deep loyalty. Earlier, Tae-moo appeared a little upset that Seoung-hoon would not trust him enough to confide his relationship with Young-seo. Seoung-hoon replied only because it involved too many others did he not tell him.

  2. Not sure what’s stopping them from telling the chairman to mind his own business, besides the fact that he needs to choose a successor. Don’t think he could have any other leverage on them.

  3. Well, to be honest, on some level the chairman learning the truth is better than them having to hide -which is not a long term solution-. Now they just have to tell him to mind his own business…

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