Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

A Rainy Evening

Episode 10 of Business Proposal begins with Chairman Kang demanding an explanation as to why Tae-moo and Ha-ri are alone at night. The rest of Ha-ri’s co-workers return to retrieve Ms. Kim’s cell phone, explaining to the chairman about their team dinner.

Still, Chairman Kang knows Tae-moo is seeing someone. He encourages Tae-moo to tell him; he’ll approve as long as his grandson likes her. Tae-moo promises to introduce her soon.

Young-seo tells Ha-ri about how she’s going to break up with Seong-hoon. When the two of them see Seong-hoon and Tae-moo together, they get into a taxi and follow them.

They follow them to an orphanage, where Seong-hoon’s mom introduces herself to Young-seo. Young-seo chats one-on-one with her, learning that Seong-hoon was five when he first came to the orphanage. She also learns of Tae-moo’s parents, who supported the orphanage when they were alive. Tae-moo, meanwhile, explains to Ha-ri that Seong-hoon came to live with him when he was in middle school. 

Young-seo accepts Seong-hoon’s apology, and the four of them hang out together at Ha-ri’s place, as her parents are out of town. Tae-moo even apologizes personally to Young-seo, bribing her with an embarrassing video of Seong-hoon.

As the couples are eating, Tae-moo spills soda on his shirt, and Ha-ri takes him to another room so he can change.

Ha-ri’s parents get back early, so Ha-ri pushes Tae-moo into her room. While her parents eat with Young-seo and Seong-hoon, she eventually manages to sneak him out of the house–only to be caught by her brother, Ha-min.

They tell him the truth of Tae-moo being the president of GOFood and Ha-ri’s boyfriend. Ha-min loves him instantly, and promises not to tell their parents about the relationship.

The next morning, Young-seo and Seong-hoon work out together. Someone secretly takes pictures of them and brings them to Young-seo’s father.

Yoo-ra invites Ha-ri to get drinks with her, asking her to get out of Min-woo’s life. Min-woo walks in and overhears Yoo-ra mentioning a time in the past when she cheated on him.

Ha-ri doesn’t care to involve herself in their drama. She excuses herself to call Tae-moo and ask him on a date.

They go out together the next night, and it rains heavily. Ha-ri, having overheard people talk about the death of Tae-moo’s parents, tries to avoid the rain to keep Tae-moo from  thinking about that fateful rainy night.

At the end of their date Ha-ri leaves to secretly meet with Chairman Kang. He was sent pictures of Ha-ri and Tae-moo, and he knows she is Geum-hui.

The scene cuts to Tae-moo, who gets a call (presumably from Seong-hoon, informing him about Ha-ri’s and Chairman Kang’s meeting). He makes a sharp turn, so that a motorcycle drives right in front of his path.

The episode ends with Chairman Kang asking Ha-ri to stop seeing Tae-moo. Just then, he gets a call from Seong-hoon about Tae-moo.

The Episode Review

It can be hard to keep track of who knows what about the Ha-ri/Tae-moo situation. Ha-ri’s parents think Tae-moo is Mr. Gye, Min-woo knows about the fake-dating contract, Ha-min is tickled that Ha-ri is dating her very rich boss–and now Chairman Kang may just have figured out everything!

What makes for an interesting turn of events is also rather confusing. When one thinks of how Chairman Kang Da-goo has been portrayed so far (a hopeless romantic who deeply cares for his grandson), his motivations in asking Ha-ri to stop seeing Tae-moo simply don’t make sense. The scenario comes across as lazy writing more than anything.

While episode 10 of Business Proposal delivers lackluster twists and turns, it does provide an unexpectedly fun group dynamic between the four main characters.

Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Seol In-ah, and Kim Min-gue all have great chemistry, which I hope we’ll be able to see in the coming episodes (just two left!)

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3 thoughts on “Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. I think Business Proposal is a wonderful romantic comedy. I would give it a rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars. I love the main couples. I keep watching Business Proposal to see what will happen next with Tae moo and Ha ri. There is one more episode to watch tomorrow. I wish there were more episodes.

    The grandfather interferes too much in his grandson’s life. He should let Tae moo have control over his own life. It is ironic that the grandfather loves to watch a soap opera that is about a rich man who falls in love with an ordinary woman. The father in the soap opera is against the relationship.

    Min woo and Yoo ra are a strange couple. Min woo is shocked that Ha ri is dating the President of her company. He did not show romantic interest in Ha ri for seven years. Yoo ra is a very jealous woman because she sees that Min woo is very close with Ha ri and she thinks that he has feelings for Ha ri. Yoo ra is very vindictive.

  2. I was enjoying this drama its a typical scenario that happens all the time were the grandparents interfere and tell the girl to do one!! not sure if they think there god all it does is distance them away because when he finds out that his grandad has told her to leave him he’ll finish with the family and go bak after ha-ra im glad I dnt live in Korea with parents/ grandparents like that wouldn’t they rather they marry somebody they love and supposed to being miserable with somebody you dnt love get a grip !!

  3. dammit, Chairman Kang WHY?! You said you would approve whoever Tae-moo was seeing, but when you find out, you fucking tell them to break up. Do you want Tae-moo to get married or not?

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