Business Proposal OST (Soundtrack): Song list, release date and where to stream

Business Proposal OST

Business Proposal is the latest office K-drama that’s taken the world by storm. Of course, with any good show comes a good soundtrack and this show is no exception. Well composed and with a good range of tracks, this one’s definitely going to get you to don your headphones and bop around the house!

With that in mind, you may be wondering what some of the songs are that have shown up in the episodes over the weeks. Well, fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the officially released songs below, along with details on where to listen, a preview of those tracks and their respective release dates.

Where can you listen to the soundtrack for Business Proposal?

There are various places you can listen to the soundtrack, with YouTube compiling an ongoing list of music videos and unofficial copies with lyrics to boot. For those who can read hangul and can speak in Korean, that’s ideal!

Alongside YouTube, Apple, Amazon and Spotify have ongoing playlists for this soundtrack. If you’re browsing on Spotify, if you search for “A Business Proposal OST Part”, this will bring up the official tracks and their accompanying instrumental versions. The thumbnails should look identical to those shown below.

What songs are on the Business Proposal OST?

Here are the official list of tracks that have shown up to accompany their releases each week. Do be aware that some songs may not be featured yet below as these do tend to release after the initial dates they feature on the TV show, with k-dramas well-known for staggering out the releases and dropping another song every week on the official soundtrack. Here’s what’s been released so far:


Sweet – Lee Mujin
Sweet – Lee Mujin (instrumental)


You Are Mine – VICTON
You Are Mine – VICTON (instrumental)


Sun Shower – MOVNING
Sun Shower – MOVNING (instrumental)


Melting – BamBam
Melting – BamBam (instrumental)


Love, Maybe – Secret Number
Love, Maybe – Secret Number (instrumental)


Fall in Love – Jihan, Park So Han
Fall in Love – Jihan, Park So Han (instrumental)


Closer – Song Haye
Closer – Song Haye (instrumental)

OST PART 8 – Releasing 28th March (est.)

Whatever you want – Han Seung Yun
Whatever you want – Han Seung Yun (instrumental)

OST PART 9 – Releasing 29th March (est.)

Spring Breeze – New (THE BOYZ)
Spring Breeze – New (THE BOYZ) (instrumental)

OST Special Track

Love, Maybe – MeloMance

When do new songs release?

Generally new songs are updated for the OST once a week. The release dates for this soundtrack have been pretty sporadic in truth, but expect new songs to be added every Tuesday and/or Sunday.

So there we have it! That’s the current list of official tracks released on the OST for Business Proposal so far. What’s been your favourite? Which one gets you up dancing about? Which gives you goosebumps? Let us know in the comments below!

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