Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun | Album Review

Track Listing 

The Seventh Sin
Abandon Us
Begin Again
Forced Divide
The Carcass King


Bury Tomorrow pierces through the atmosphere with their album The Seventh Sun, which is a collection of songs storming through the inner core of trust and desire. The band also knows how to play and shred, but there is a deepness and a profound energy to this LP.

Breaking the barrier hasn’t been easy for Bury Tomorrow as it has taken them time to build their craft, but now they’re one of the most sought after metal bands in the UK and beyond. With this compendium of tracks as their catalyst, the future looks more than bright.

Though the future looks fruitful too, as the band still hurt and throughout their words, they channel their aggression with an almighty surge. This aggression is deeply rooted, and the act at some point may let their wrath pummel through.

Such a formidable collection of songs, The Seventh Sun boasts so much in terms of melody and guitar workmanship. The band is renowned as great players too and this collection doesn’t disappoint.

‘The Seventh Sun’ starts the album. Screams cut through, with guitar moments turning heads and minds. If that wasn’t enough, the clean vocals add melody.

‘Begin Again’ storms in and crashes. The clean vocals represent diversity and the growls increase the tension. Its another fiery contribution which is joined by ‘Majesty’, which starts with subtle intentions, and the lyrics show dexterity and depth. It’s a softer sound, but it still packs an almighty punch.

‘Recovery’ begins with another subtle intro until the burgeoning riffs impose. The screams progress, and it’s a blistering sound.

Overall, Bury Tomorrow recharges and The Seventh Sun is a chapter worth delving into.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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