Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 5 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 titled ‘Land of Inhuman Demons (Part 1)’ begins with Ranpo telling Atsushi and Teruko to meet him at Runway 122R. Excited, she tells Atsushi to carry her and laughs at the irony of a dog riding a cat. He is miserable as he notices a pattern in people he would like to avoid like her, Yosano and Akutagawa. Teruko suddenly tells him that Jono is missing.

Atsushi realises an inconsistency – the Hunting Dogs think the Agency used vampires to attack Jono so why would she tell him? She sighs and attacks him and he realises that she is being controlled.

Meanwhile, Tetcho is beating up Kenji while going on about how great Jono is despite his cold exterior. He also points out he needs to go after Bram and save the world but for 5 minutes he can take a detour for Jono. Teruko radios in that she is about to torture Atsushi and on hearing this, something flips in Kenji and his eyes glow. He suddenly gets super strong and throws Tetcho out of the airport.

In a flashback, Kunikida says that no one should ever anger Kenji and Atsushi is in disbelief. It seems that Kenji had changed the direction of a huge mudslide to protect his village after seeing a childhood friend get hurt. The power of mother nature resides in him which he holds back with his docile nature and huge appetite. The fury of creation is revealed when Kenji is angry.

At present, a bleeding Tetcho thinks that Jono would never have wanted him to save him. He also says that he has misjudged everyone including the enemy after thinking calmly and tells Kenji to kill him. On hearing this, the Detective goes back to his friendly self as he calmly realises that he has no anger towards Tetcho. He offers to help find Jono and Tetcho agrees. But he suddenly drops to the ground to recharge and a tired Tetcho joins him as they exchange names.

In Mersault, Sigma is worried at just how calm Dazai looks. The Detective says he has an angel on his side which is basically Ango who decodes the messages Dazai sends through his heart rate which is being monitored. Sigma wonders how the outside world sends word in and Dazai asks him to guess suggesting if he does, he will be superior to Fyodor. Sigma falls for the trap and starts guessing before being irritated that they are wasting time.

He is further shocked when Dazai says they won’t be escaping and wonders if the Detective is unhinged. Yeah, where have you been for the past 4 seasons? Oh, wait, not existing. Dazai says he will kill Fyodor and it cuts to the demon trying the wrong code on a door. The hallway locks down on both sides and starts getting filled with toxic water while Dazai takes Sigma to the surveillance room who is stunned to see all the guards on the ground.

Dazai says he stopped time and when Sigma refuses to take the bait, he finally explains. Ango made a trade with a Gifted thief imprisoned in Mersault. With Dazai’s nullifying ability, he is immune to her gift and uses it to knock out the guards frozen in time, change all the door codes and correspond through the surveillance room without Fyodor finding out. Sigma is in awe as Dazai bids Chuuya and Fyodor farewell.

It seems that he is about to have a change of heart on seeing Chuuya drown but he just waves goodbye. Elsewhere, Atsushi hears Dazai telling him to wake up and he opens his eyes to find himself in a medical room and strapped to a gurney.

As for Aya, she hides in a cargo truck of a cleaning crew and Bram is impressed at her escape strategy. To kill time, they chat and she offers to help remove the Holy Sword. He says it is not a good idea as he will then rule the world but she doesn’t fall for it. It is revealed that the sword was made with the flesh of a Gifted. The tip of the sword grows roots in his brain, and the sword wielder has a seal of the sword on their hand.

The seal is currently with Fukuchi so only he can use the sword. This is the second time Bram has been impaled and he looks sad as the first time, some soldiers tortured him and his people. Aya tries to empathise but he keeps annoying her by calling her a peasant, vassal and horse. Akutagawa suddenly finds them and Bram tells her to run.

The Episode Review

Calm down, Tetcho, you will get Jono back, hopefully. They are one duo we didn’t know we needed but only once they are apart. They are always bickering bordering on annoying when they are together. If only Jono knew how Tetcho worries for him and even sways his strict principle of justice to search for him.

As for Kenji, oh wow, turns out he wasn’t using his full potential at all the whole time. We need a whole backstory episode on Kenji. And he and Tetcho just chilling and introducing themselves at the end of their huge fight is so comical. 

Another dynamic that is super hilarious and fun to watch is Dazai and Sigma. If they are not busy dancing as in the previous episode, it is Dazai baiting Sigma and enjoying his reactions as the casino owner tries to guess just how deranged and brilliant the Dazai is. The way he took over Mersault is so genius we could have never guessed it.

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