Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 5 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Bungo Stray Dogs season 5 titled ‘At The Port in the Sky (Part 2)’ begins with Fukuchi trying to find Aya when he assumes that Ranpo may have triggered a flash in all rooms in the airport to pretend that they have caught him. If he keeps destroying the room to find an intruder that doesn’t even exist, he may give away the location of Bram and so he stops. 

Two Gifted escorts are on the plane to deliver the One Order to Fukuchi while Atsushi panics as to how they can delay the delivery. Ranpo cockily replies that they just need 1 second. Playing on the terrorist narrative, Kunikida blows up a fuel tank and jams the radio. Unable to reach anyone, the Gifted escorts decide to abort mission while an angry Fukuchi storms out to see what’s going on.

Aya’s hiding location is finally revealed as it turns out she is hiding in Bram’s coffin. He warns her to give a satisfying explanation for disturbing his sleep. In Anne’s Chamber, Ranpo is not too confident in his plan as there is one man who just might be the only one who can beat him. That seems to be the case as the escorts are fatally poisoned while Fyodor smirks in the dark.

Just as the plane is about to crash, Teruko drives up in a truck with Tetcho on top. He slices the plane into small pieces while Fukuchi catches the One Order. Kunikida watches it from the sideline and informs Ranpo. Ranpo is speechless and cuts the call as he declares that their loss is all because they have not been able to take down Fyodor.

However, Fukuchi is unable to open the One Order’s box due to a dimensional disruption ability. It cuts to Dazai who smirks while being shrouded by light. In a flashback, Ango is trying to convince someone to tell the United Nations that Fukuchi is behind the vampire infection and to be cautious about opening the One Order. He suggests unlocking it only when the vampire army attacks.

The caller asks if this proposal is approved by Taneda and Ango looks conflicted while looking at a comatose Taneda. Ango recalls Dazai saying it is okay to lie when necessary and he agrees. Turns out the caller is the Prime Minister and as the call cuts Ango panics wondering if he will become a political criminal if Taneda doesn’t wake up soon.

At present, Ranpo reveals that it is thanks to Dazai and Ango’s proposal that the One Order has been locked in a box. At that moment, someone kills all the guards in the Meursault prison where Fyodor and Dazai are imprisoned. They are bored and Dazai suggests it is time for one of them to die. Fyodor gleefully agrees but suddenly they drop through a portal and land in front of Nikolai and Sigma.

Nikolai is busy flaunting his jailbreak trick while Sigma looks annoyed. While the prisoners wonder about the sudden escape, the clown cheerfully reveals it is to kill his bestie – Fyodor. Dazai looks at the camera like he is on The Office while Fyodor looks stunned. Nikolai goes on a round-about introspection and comes to the conclusion that since he wants to prove his free will and also save his friend, he is going to make Fyodor and Dazai play a fatal game. 

Back to Aya and Bram, the little girl looks terrified while he goes on about how he is dangerous. But he loses her as she has no idea what he is saying which just annoys him and he tries to sleep. She wonders how he brushes and washes himself without the rest of his body. She is angry on ‘Bra-chan’s behalf as he regales his sob story of Fukuchi controlling him.

Outside, a furious Fukuchi decides that if the UN won’t deploy the One Order till the vampires’ attack, he will just have to initiate it by getting Bram to activate his kin all over the world. But he is shocked to find Bram missing who is being piggy-backed by Aya through the hallway. Fukuchi thinks Jono’s men are behind the kidnapping and orders Akutagawa’s vampire squad to find them.

Back in Mersault, Sigma wonders if he is the only sane person as Fyodor and Dazai marvel at Nikolai’s ingenious plan. He will inject them with poison that can kill them in half hour and the first one to escape Mersault will get the antidote. 

Aya reaches the exit but hides as vampire officers search for Bram. She tries to get him to help but he is either sleepy or calls himself the bane of man. She ends up pulling on his sword only for him to scold her as it is embedded in his brain. As he refuses to help, she points out that she is scared and has no abilities, yet she wants to help.

He is moved that she is only 10 years old and all she has is determination. He scoffs that she probably cannot procure a priceless treasure but he will help if she can; he wants a…wireless radio! She plays the radio on her phone and he pretty much transcends as he wonders if she is a goddess.

The Episode Review

Teruko doing heart eyes at Fukuchi obtaining the weapon is probably every other viewer. While sure, no one likes Fukuchi, they cannot deny his plan and its execution on getting his hand on the One Order is pretty cool. The rock music playing in the background, Kunikida’s eyes bulging as he cannot believe the sight while Tetcho stands on top of the truck and slices the plane and Fukuchi catches the weapon is super dramatic and smooth.

But why does Ranpo think that it is Fyodor he needs to defeat? Isn’t Fukuchi the mastermind or is he also in the end a puppet who thinks he is the leader, when in fact it has been the Demon Fyodor all along? However, the parallel between Dazai and Fyodor is as iconic as it can get as both sabotage the other’s team in their own way.

And hello, the metaphors? Fyodor is surrounded by webs and darkness to highlight his deception while Dazai is all alone in the light – we see glimpses of it in the season 5 intro as well. This season is as chaotic as it can get as we finally see Fyodor and Dazai in action while Nikolai and Sigma tag along.

The whole jailbreak scene is hilarious from Sigma being done with everyone and Dazai breaking the fourth wall to Nikolai trying to have a convoluted face-off with Fyodor via Dazai. But, uh, do they know that Dazai actually cannot die? And well, if you think Dazai, Fyodor, Sigma and Nikolai were funny, it seems that Aya and Bram have one-upped them with their partnership. He better help her save the world or we are going to have words with Bra-chan.

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