Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 5 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Kamui Revelation

Episode 2 of Bungo Stray Dogs season 5 titled ‘The Answer to Everything’ begins with Officer Minoura rescuing Ranpo who is being taken into custody. Armed guards surround them and Minoura agrees that some of the country’s forces are fools. But not all – as those who followed their soul, realised that Ranpo is right.

They all show up and face off against the guards while Ranpo and Minoura escape. The Armed Detective declares he has just split the law enforcement force into two – the correct ones and the misguided ones. Minoura wonders how he was sure of his plan but Ranpo simply smiles and says that he actually had no idea if people would believe him.

The Armed Detectives Agency has a mini-reunion in Anne’s Chamber. Atsushi runs to hug them while Kyoka holds herself back. He is upset about Kunikida’s hands but they reveal that they each have their strengths that make them powerful together – Yosano can heal even the most horrific injuries while Ranpo can deduce the enemy’s plan and rescue them. He then tells the senior Detectives to find Kenji and Tanizaki.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is begging Fukuchi to organise a counter-terror organisation to take down the Armed Detective Agency. But the poor Hunting Dog is busy dealing with a huge hangover while Tetcho helps him. The UN officials beseech him to lead the counter-terror army which belongs to all nations hence making the whole planet come under its jurisdiction.

On hearing this, Fukuchi says he will accept only if they change their priorities as he doesn’t think the Armed Detective Agency is actually a terrorist organisation. At the Standard Mechanical Island, the UN proposes the Supernational Armed Security Force but the members are skeptical. The speaker anyway introduces Fukuchi as the commander.

Considered a legendary samurai, everyone is in awe. Turns out, he has saved the world multiple times. He uses the attention to convince them of agreeing to the universal counter-terrorist army. He renames the army as the Army of Mankind to take down the Decay of the Angel and everyone is swayed by his inspirational speech.

In his new office, Fukuchi sees Ranpo, and gives him 5 minutes before he calls security. He remembers meeting the boy last at the founding ceremony of the Armed Detective Agency. Ranpo, of course, remembers a drunk friend of Fukuzawa who made a mess at the ceremony. But the President had said he trusts Fukuchi and felt sad that he must be lonely now that Fukuzawa has found his own path. 

Ranpo asks for Fukuchi’s universal army in retrieving the reality-altering page from Kamui. Fukuchi is disappointed with Ranpo’s simple argument. But the latter says he could have easily manipulated him into helping but he didn’t – because Fukuzawa trusts Fukuchi. Ranpo gets on his knees and says this is why he trusts Fukuchi as well and the Hunting Dog is convinced. 

The plan is to leave the Island on the VIP Guest Ship Boswellian. Atsushi, who is already onboard, is in awe of Fukuchi who is synonymous with world justice. He decides to never offend the man as his participation in the plan will make or break the Agency. Ranpo is suddenly shocked to see Fukuchi hiding on the floor while Atsushi copies him.

Ranpo calls the Hunting Dog a lame middle-aged man but joins them anyway. The two start bickering as Fukuchi thinks Ranpo is jealous of his and Fukuzawa’s friendship while Atsushi does his best to stop them. As the ship departs, Atsushi bribes Ranpo with lemonade into using his glasses and activating his ultra deduction ‘ability’ to learn of Kamui’s identity.

Ranpo acquiesces and Fukuchi is understandably confused by their dynamic. Ranpo realises that Kamui is someone who is charismatic enough to control Fyodor and Nikolai, has a connection with the Agency and has profited the most out of the attacks. All of this points towards Fukuchi and Ranpo is shocked. Fukuchi realises that Ranpo has learned the truth and the Detective has only a few seconds to take action.

Ranpo regrets saying that he trusts Fukuchi and ignites a smoke flare. He apologises to Atsushi for messing up and pushes him to run just as Fukuchi tries to attack with his sword. Ranpo activates Poe’s detective novel to escape himself and Atsushi quickly pockets the novel. With Kamui’s ability being one that can increase the power of any weapon he uses to a hundredfold, Atsushi knows that whether he runs or fights, both options are bad.

He decides to stand and fight as if he wins, he can save the agency. Fukuchi admits he is Kamui and reveals that he has the reality-altering page, baiting Atsushi to take it from him. But before the weretiger can make a move, he sees that his leg has been cut in two and is shocked as he didn’t even see Fukuchi move.

As Atsushi’s leg heals, Fukuchi wonders if his head will also heal if he cuts it off. Atsushi suddenly realises that he is afraid, not of pain but of being alone. Even when the Agency split up, Kyoka was with him and so were Francis, Ango and Lucy. He realises that now he is truly alone and begs for someone to help him.

On the other side of the ship, as the passengers wonder about the smoke flare, one of them removes his cap to reveal that he is Akutagawa. He is surprised that an impossible prediction has come true.

The Episode Review

Something feels off with the Kamui revelation. It feels too quick as this is only episode 2 of Bungo Stray Dogs season 5. To see even Ranpo fumbling is unnerving. He must have a backup plan otherwise he has just left poor Atsushi all alone to face off against the most powerful bad guy ever.

But that ending is everything with the way Atsushi begs for help and his prayer is answered. But looks like help is going to be coming from the unlikeliest of places. And what is the prediction that Akutagawa refused to believe till he sees the smoke flare and who sent him? Our money is on Dazai!

We have been waiting for the Atsushi vs Akutagawa face-off since season 1 and (hopefully) we are finally about to get it. Someone just needs to get rid of Fukuchi quickly. However, it is hilarious to see his comic side as he banters with Ranpo and jokes with Atsushi, that is one trio we did not expect to enjoy so much. If only he didn’t turn out to be the big bad baddie trying to erase the world and the Agency forever.

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