Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Kill ‘Em All

Episode 7 of Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 titled ‘Dogs Hunt Dogs’ begins with Taneda falling to the ground and a knife materialising in Ranpo’s hand while a CCTV records him. He realises that the reality-altering page will be used to alter the CCTV footage and make it look like he stabbed Taneda.

The police surround him while the rest of the squad shoots at Gogol’s hideout. Yosano pushes Kunikida away from the window but is shot in the shoulder. Tanizaki hides them and they meet up with Kenji while Ranpo tells them on call that he is on the run after stopping Taneda’s bleeding wound. The Chief may be able to testify for them but Ranpo is not certain if he will make it alive.

He points out that the page is extremely powerful as it can alter memories. Kyoka corroborates as she says she now has a memory of abducting and killing the hostages. At that moment, someone shoots at Ranpo and he falls from a window. The call is cut and the Agency think he is dead. 

Meanwhile, the police surround them and throw a gas grenade into the room. They enter and see that everyone is dead except one – Yosano. Turns out it is a trap and she revives the other dead detectives using her ability Thou Shalt Not Die and they attack the soldiers. They leave a radio for them to call for help and escape.

At that moment, a rocket lands in front of the military tent and the man who had imprisoned Oda in the Detective Agency Origin arc steps out. Called Ochi Fukuchi, he gives an ambiguous answer that has an officer shooting at him. However, the bullet is blocked by the blind Hunting Dog, Jono. The military police lieutenant realises that the two are backup and are part of the Hunting Dogs, a powerful branch of their military force.

The rest of the team shows up with Teruko making a chaotic entrance. It is revealed that the elite team is made up of 5 members with Fukuchi as the leader. Tetcho is a fighter who can manipulate his sword while Teruko can change anyone’s age. The lieutenant also tells the inquisitive officers that the 5th member is a mystery and is busy undercover.

Meanwhile, Fukuzawa is arrested. The detectives escape Gogol’s hideout and Kunikida is pessimistic about their chances. Kenji says they should rebuild the Agency and the rest agree. We then see them strategizing their escape by stealing a car while the Hunting Dogs try to corner them. Fukuchi and Teruko head north to the trains while Jono and Tetcho take the south road.

The South team banter the whole way as they don’t get along but Jono figures out the detectives’ location based on their car’s frequency. While Yosano is telling them of a hideout, Jono appears inside the car. Kyoka is missing while Kenji is thrown out of the car. Tanizaki jumps out and tries to save him but Jono reveals it was their plan to separate them. Before Tetcho can kill the two, Kunikida runs the car into him.

We finally see Atsushi whose leg is stuck in the basement floor while the military police find him. He thinks they are there to help and is shocked when they aim their guns at him. They open fire but Kyoka saves him. They run as she tells him about Gogol’s plan. 

Meanwhile, Kunikida races away with Kenji and Tanizaki while Jono berates Tetcho. The angry swordsman uses his ability and slices the car in two and stabs Kenji and Kunikida. He even ends up slicing Kunikida’s notebook. Before he can kill Yosano, Kunikida steps in front of her and surrenders. However, Tetcho still attacks but before his sword can reach Yosano, it is deflected. Chuuya suddenly shows up in a helicopter and reveals he’s been ordered to help them.

The Episode Review

Okay, if that reality-altering page can also change memories, that is one scary power. It also makes it that much more disheartening for our heroes as their messed-up memories could very well impede them from uncovering the truth.

Season 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs keeps getting darker as the villains of this season are probably worse than the previous ones with their ruthless attacks. 

Thankfully, we have our anime’s season 1 villain turned favourite character, Chuuya from the Port Mafia showing up just in time and saving the day. Now, all we need is Akutagawa saving Atsushi and resuming their weird bromance from the last season and all will be right in the world. We do, however, miss our eclectic Dazai and hope to see more of him as he once again does something out of the box and pulls a trump card over the antagonists. 

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